Thursday, July 17, 2008

Favorite Summer Song

I have really liked Jason Mraz for awhile now but this song is my all time favorite. You can mark it down as my most definite favorite for summer 08 ;) Have a listen....just over there to your right, you love it, right? I'm getting it for my ringtone tomorrow! xo, Brie


Ang said...

After reading your post, I listened to the whole song, and then listened to whole album on rhapsody! So, so good and uplifting for summer.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I must be the only person in the whole world who doesn't know who Jason Mraz is. I see his name everywhere, but still no clue. I do like the song though so I am off to investigate this guy.

Oh, and how did you get that song on your sidebar? I've been wanting to do that for ahwile, but am not smart enough to figure it out!

Brie said...

He sang a song called the remedy a few summers back, I bet you would recognize that one b/c it got a lot of radio play. He is soooooo good! This song reminds me a bit of my Amercian Idol boyfriend Jason Castro. He would have done this song right ;)

If you click right on the player, it will take you to the site so you can make your own. It's free and I like it b/c you can make it not autostart. Autostart always makes me jump out of my seat on blogs b/c it scares me! I couldn't get the html code to work within the post but it worked fine when you add it to the layout.