Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I certainly don't want to brag here ;)  but I got a very special follow request on twitter today - Alexis from RHOC.  So from now on I am on my very best twitter behavior and I will most certainly not be requesting to follow her husband Jim or anything b/c we all know she doesn't like anyone up on her man.  Remember, "he's taken!"  I'm hoping our new twitter friendship will blossom into something very special and that she'll loan me some of her jewelry whenever I want!!   Signing off with.... of course I'm high maintenance, look at me!  xo, Brie

Monday, September 20, 2010


My dad used to make stained glass pieces when we were younger all the time but then gave it up for awhile.   I am SO happy he is back to it because he brought me this adorable little jack o lantern piece for Halloween!  Isn't it so cute?  The Pumpkin piece is lit up by a small light bulb in the back so it looks great both day and night.  The pumpkin is also removable so I am hoping there may be more holiday themed stained glass in my future.  I ♥ all kinds of colored glass and the fact that my dad made this makes it all the better!

Ms. C has been BEGGING me to PUH-LEASE pull out all the Halloween decor so after many hours of badgering me asking politely, I finally brought up a few boxes. I know I have at least one more down there but I don't have the energy to hunt for it just yet.

She also took it upon herself to make some scary decorations and hang them all over the front entrance.  I am expecting House Beautiful to be here any moment as I am sure they will want to do a full feature on this in their October issue. 

In other Halloween decor news....

This guy is living in my backyard.  I'm kind of horrified and fascinated all in one - this is very close to his actual size. 

and this lady is living in my hallway and won't shut up

Given the choice of the spider or the witch, I'm choosing the spider.  My poor head... xo, Brie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I Am

Ok... I'm having another "how adorable is this" moment
My old college roomie posted this on facebook today

I've always admired's fashion sense, but now I think I love him.  xo, Brie

Don't Mess with Me!

How great is this hat? 

Here's what I am thinking..... everytime my teenage daughter gets lippy with me, I will make a note to wear it the next time I drive carpool, pick up a friend's house, or perhaps cheer her on at a chilly soccer game. 

The possibilities are endless and I am quite in love it.... available from talented etsy seller taraduff

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Real Housewives Orange County Season 1

I am only slightly ashamed to tell you this is the ONLY season of Housewives I've never seen.... don't judge, I love sewing to mindless reality tv that doesn't require my complete attention.

NBC is running the season from episode 1 daily during their soap operas spot (for NJ it's 2 pm but check your local listings)

I can't wait to see Lauri PRE marriage to mega baller George and working for Vicki and would love to learn more about this stranger Kimberly Bryant who pops up every now and then on the OC finales.   This season also includes more background on housewife 7 Slade Smiley who plays a pretty big supporting role.  The years have been kinder to some and harsher to others.

More Housewife gossip on one of my favorite new blogs to read Absurd to Sublime!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Talking Shop and Mermaid Love

I've been working on some new mermaid inspired hair accessories and hope to have them up on the site soon.  This little first grade mermaid is loving them! xo, Brie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I got suckered

Into buying a fish for each of the kids the other day.  C really wanted an angel fish and the lady at PetCo asked me how big our tank was because they really need at least 20 gallons to thrive.  I told we had a cylinder vase with rocks in the bottom, she then directed me to the beta fish :)  which come with a 2 week guarantee (hopefully we won't need it!)

Introducing C's fish Diamond

The boys share a room, so their fish are sharing a bowl.  Two female betas can reside together peacefully.  Bon Jovi and French Toast get along beautifully!

and Ponyo - who might need a little windex on his vase

C is so in love with this little fish - she talks to it and reads to it.  Kind of makes me feel bad that I can't commit to a more exciting pet, but I know my limitations and a pet with fur just isn't happening anytime soon!

In other news - 2 out of 4 started school today and 4 out of 4 will be in school tomorrow!  If you need me I will be turning a cartwheel in the front yard ;)  xo, Brie

Monday, September 6, 2010

Menu Monday

Happy Labor Day!  Sports schedules are in full swing and school starts tomorrow!  I am sad to say goodbye to the summer of 2010, but I am definitely ready to try to form a more structured fall routine.  Here's what's cooking this week......

Monday - Sausage Pasta by Sara Moulton (tip: I don't use breakfast sausage, just regular italian) and salad

Tuesday - Tacos

Wednesday - Hot Dogs and fruit - (crazy football schedule)

Thursday - Stuffed Shells, rolls, salad

Friday - Grilled Lemon Garlic Chicken, tomato mozzerella salad, potato packets on the grill

Saturday - out

Sunday - Pioneer Woman's Penne A La Betsy

So there you have it - I feel so much better to have it down in print before I lose the list :)  xo, Brie

PS Monday and Sunday's meals are linked to the recipe

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fabulous Home Goods Find

Completely fell in love with this decorative shallow bowl at home good.  The interior of this wooden bowl is a glossy deep red rust which fits in nicely with our family room decor.  The exterior of the bowl has all these coiled up pieces of paper in different colors.  I am in LOVE with it, only 14.99 - no way was I leaving the store without it!  xo, Brie

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lucky Day

I just found an Anthropologie gift card in my top dresser drawer!  I know I've used some of it already but I just called and found out it has a balance of $47!

This baby is on its way to my arms! Yahoo! xo, Brie

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twilight Books for Beginning Readers

I am a big fan of the Dick and Jane series for easy early readers.  Plenty of easy sight words and lots of repetition to drive it home.  Numerous but short chapters to read which is good for little attention spans.  Hard covered and durable for 7.99!  I'm also a sucker for the nostalgia of the old fashioned pictures.

We are brushing up on our reading skills because first grade is just around the corner.  I let her choose whichever one she wanted and this is what she chose.....

and I am not going to lie - it's hilarious.  That Dick and Jane sure have a good sense of humor!! xo, Brie

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bubble Baths

I'll take a bubble bath over a shower any day of the week.  It's my preferred spot for getting clean and also reading (I'm a multi tasker!)  The bubble bath is very very very VERY impt.... thought I would share with my top three selections. 

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee - this stuff smell SO good - I mean SO good 'you might want to drink it' good.  It makes great long lasting bubbles and the scent definitely stays on your skin which is a nice bonus.  Sometimes I would even pour some in the kids' bath when they were little because they smelled so darn good after a bubble in this.  It's pricey for bubble bath, but in my opinion WELL worth it. 


My second fave is this great White Almond Moisturizing bath by Perlier.  You can get this from a variety of retailers and sometimes, if the stars are properly aligned - TJ Maxx for 7.99.  If you happen to see some there please let me know, I will send you a check because I like to keep a nice stockade of this in my bathroom vanity.  Another smell great with great lasting bubbles.  I remember using this on my wedding day and I have a thing for smells and memories and this pairing is a nice one :)

Last but certainly not least is Philosophy's Amazing Grace.  I love the way this whole product line smells, very clean and uncluttered.  I have the perfume and the lotion too.  I wish the bubbles were a touch longer lasting but the amazing scent of Amazing Grace pulls through in a big way. 

So that's it, would love to hear from other bubble bath lovers about their favorite products!  xo, Brie