Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Camera Adventures

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Cape and trying to pack things up around here. My camera card is completely full - I'm quite bad about downloading/deleting files! I have just deleted no less than 100 pictures snapped by Ms. C. Not sure who is supervising these activities!!!

Here a couple of goodies b/f they are deleted forever :)

some wavey saucey monkey shot riding in a sleigh (nooooo it's not the "real" monkey, this is very much loved impersonator!

Next we have a picture of (in her words) "a very beautiful unicorn" that she drew for her teacher. If you look closely, the unicorn is using the facilities so needless to say, that I did not allow the picture to be delivered. She insists it hang on our closet door in the foyer though for all guests to of about 45 pictures of my parents' dog Lacey. If you think she looks good here, you should see her around any major holiday!! My dad likes to have her looking especially nice for special occassions :)

heck yeah that's an Aquaglobe!

Now this is a party I would love to be a guest at!

and last but not least... this amazing self portrait that made me laugh so hard I had it blown up to a 5x7 size in black and white and is framed on our piano. I am just noticing impostor monkey is cuddled in there on the bottom.

So there you have it! Perhaps the next Ansel Adams in the making :) xo, Brie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I were a Bird

This is where I would live!! It actually is quite the hotspot here in NJ. You would not believe the loud and noisy fights that take place over this house.

My grandfather made this for us and my dad recently spruced it up with a much needed fresh coat of paint. I was actually afraid to do it myself b/c the bird tenants are maniacs and very protective of their home.

I've had the clematis for around 5 years but it has NEVER looked this great!! I think these birds are living large! xo, Brie

Monday, June 22, 2009

Belt Sale!!

All Keeks and Brie belts are on sale until Wednesday for $20 each :)

  • they make great gifts

  • they are well made (by me!)

  • look great for summer

  • hold your pants up

How can you resist? See full selection here!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ding Dong... Snail Mail

A snail arrived shortly after my post yesterday!!

Ms. C and her horse Chocolate Chip seem very pleased with the new digs! Now I need to work on pictures and accessories
What a long way from these....

A TREMENDOUS thank you to my mom and dad for all their help with this project!! xoxoox

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Painting Ceramic Glass Draw Pulls

Ms. C's room is FINALLY almost done and the only thing now that is completely holding me up is the quilt I purchased for the bed. I think it is going to look so cute!! I made the same mistake I always make and chose a quilt from Pottery Barn and bought it off ebay with free shipping for a total savings of $40. Only problem is, the free shipping means it will arrive on the back of a snail - I ordered it on 6/8 and today is the 20th. The seller assures me it is on the way and provided a tracking number etc so I'm not going to get too uppity over it just yet.

We got her a really cute new bed frame from Ikea and it's white. The dresser that was already in the room is a natural wood color and I suppose I could paint it (and still may in the future) but thought I could spruce it a bit and make it blend a little better with some cute painted white drawer pulls. Off to Home Depot (or Homo Depot as our 4 year old calls it very innocently and I can never not laugh when she says it) we go, picked up 10 white ceramic pulls for a dollar something a piece.

Now for the painting - which I am the first to admit I am not very good at .....

First up you need a special kind of paint called "Glossies" put out by a company called Liquitex. They don't come in a ton of colors but all the basics are represented and you can bake glass or ceramic things in the oven to heat set the paint so it won't rub off! It's very cool AND half price at Michaels this week if you are interested for 2.99 a bottle.

Some green lines that are a little shaky and wavy ;)

Followed by some more wavy and shaky hot pink lines ... a preppy wavy shaky plaid!!

Into a cold oven and then set at 325 for 45 to set.

The finished product!! It looks really cute if you squint your eyes :D I'm happy with the results. Sprucing up complete.

Not sure why the top drawer is askew like that... I'm certain drawer number 2 is over stuffed :(

The final room reveal will take place when my budding artist is finished some wall art for her room

and if that darn snail ever arrives with the quilt! xo, Brie

Friday, June 19, 2009

Follow Me!

I much prefer the follow setting in blogger to my old bloglines.... it is so much more time efficient for me!! Don't laugh, I am very pressed lately with all this facebooking/twittering/real housewives of New Jerseying :) Only problem was I didn't know how to "follow" someone unless they had a big FOLLOW ME on their side bar that was neon and also blinking.

I just figured out yesterday that the option is right in front of my face on the top left of everyone's blog that uses blogger! Just call me Captain Observant! xo, Brie

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seafood Pasta Recipe

;Disclaimer: I think it's safe for us all to assume that I will never be hired to be a cookbook photographer.....

My neighbor had a dinner party and made this for us. It is sooooo delicious, she handed over the recipe and I made it myself for the first time last night. I am not going to try and fool you that this is in any way healthy or low cal but it is oh so good. Probably not a meal you would want to work into regular rotation but a delicious every now and then deal :)

I didn't even have the Jack Daniels that the recipe called for so I used a sherry instead. It was basically a seafood newburg - my favorite!!! The sauce would also be so yummy over scrod or haddock (this is sometimes a special at the Chart Room on the Cape).

Jack Daniel's Shrimp and Seafood Pasta

20 jumbo shrimp cleaned and deveined (I used more)

2 shallots finely chopped

3 oz Jack Daniels (I used sherry - 3 oz = a little less than half a cup)

1 tsp seafood seasoning (aka Old Bay)

9oz heavy cream (told you it wasn't low cal :) this is approximately 1 cup)

2 tsp of tomato paste

6oz of lump crabmeat (do yourself and your wallet a favor and get this at costco, you can freeze the leftovers for another time)

sautee shallots, shrimp, jack daniels, and seafood seasoning (I used a little olive oil to start the shallots and shrimp and then proceeded with the recipe) Remove shrimp when done to your liking and add cream and tomato paste. Cook until reduced by half, put shrimp and crabmeat back into sauce and gently heat through. Season with salt and pepper.

I served this over fresh fettuccine which I don't normally use but it is esp good with this sauce, fresh baguette, and a green salad. Everyone loved it except the boys but they won't eat any form of seafood. More for me :) xo, Brie

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keep Calm

Check out my new pendant - I have always loved these motivational posters from WWII with the Keep Calm and Carry On. I haven't found a place that will "work" in my house for one, so I have found the next best thing!!

I love this, it's made from a scrabble tile and comes in lots of cool colors (along with a TON of other cute designs) I already had a chain so when it arrived today, I put it right on! It's making me very happy :) xo, Brie

Purchased on Etsy from seller IM Creations!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hangover

After much begging and pleading, I got to see this last night. It is hilarious - provided you like low brow humor like I do! Put it on your to do list. xo, Brie

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reusable Cute Coffee Cozy!

Available on etsy! Makes the perfect teacher gifts... hint, hint, hint ;) Have a great weekend everyone! xo, Brie

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had primaries yesterday here in NJ and here is a picture of Chris Christie (R) and family just after they voted. His daughter Bridget sporting a Keeks and Brie braided headband! Loving that! Congrats to Chris and family on winning the primary!! xo, Brie

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FB and Twitter

Have taken over my life! My blogging has stalled due to some non exciting life events - unless of course you would like to hear about how I drive my children all over my town every single night to drop them off and pick them up at various activities, fill up at the gas station and repeat.

A new favorite I found through twitter is a site called blip where you can pretty much find any song and tweet, fb, or blog it. I've been digging deep here to find funny random ones - like this! Enjoy! xo, Brie

Quite possibly the worst wham song ever and when I say worst I mean that in a loving way!