Saturday, May 31, 2008

So ME, so NOT me

The Mrs. over at One Fabulous Mom recently did this and it is so fun!

So me

so NOT me

So Me

So NOT me

So Me

So NOT me

So Me

So NOT me

So me

so NOT me

So me

So Not Me

So me

So Not Me

So me (bracelet by Hermes)

So Not me

I could do this all day! Try it, it's fun! xo, Brie

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lovin it!

Time is tight today - what else is new? Thought I'd share one of my favorite bracelets with you. I wear this every single day, I never take it off!

This is called a Cape Cod bracelet, the top part is a ball that screws the bracelet securely into place. I have the sterling and gold combination which I especially love because it gives me complete freedom with my other jewelry to go either silver or gold! Thanks mom and dad!!!!!
xo, Brie

Availabe at one of my favorite shops on the Cape (who also happen to carry Keeks and Brie!!) Oak and Ivory

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Where has this week gone? I love the long weekend followed by the short week! This past weekend we took the kids to spend the day at the Bronx Zoo. It was the perfect day and a great activity for all the kids - they loved it! I couldn't help but think Monkey would have totally loved this outing!!! He will be staying with us for a short vay cay in the near future so stay tuned for that! Below are some highlights from our trip! xo, Brie

group shot with the zebras

boys with the giraffes... Liam keeps putting the bunny ears behind his own head?!?

an indifferent bug - this one keeps cracking me up!

kay has a thing for piggies

posing with a monitor lizard

This gorilla was sleeping and so cute... when she woke up she came right over the glass and was nose to nose with Ms. C. Someone stepped in the way so no pic :( It took a lot of willpower in me to not yell - MOVE IT!

The boys take a try at the tiger toy

awesome twisty slide within the tree. Ms C came down it within moments of going up - I suspect she may have cut the line!!!

popping out of the prairie dog holes... see the "dogs" up behind them on the hill

Liam on the bug carousel. I love this pic, it is so him! Still giving himself those bunny ears though... we'll have to talk ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick NYC Fix!

Afraid you'll be going through withdrawal (like me) now that American Idol is over? Never Fear! Set you Tivo's for Real Housewives The Lost Footage Favorite fights, funny moments.
NEW tonight on Bravo at 9m!

Congrats Mizz Kate!

My little cousin Katie graduated this past weekend from college! Congrats!! I cannot believe you are now OUT of college... you make me feel 112 ;) See you this summer sugah - I'll send you the same drinky poo your mom sent you last summer at Liam's next time I see you!!! "Do you like the way I look?" xo, Brie

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ebay Monday

Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We have had a busy one and I have been trying to keep up with pictures I will hopefully post later this week. Today we are working in the yard, we have gotten so much done and in an attempt to further procrastinate I have decided to take a break with some Ebay Monday fun :)

Did you collect these? I did! I was really quite taken with them, but it wasn't just me... all my friends had little photo albums where we'd save all our favorite smellies safe and sound under the peel back plastic sheet. We'd trade them and beam with pride as others perused our books like they were baby pictures of our kids!

This seller has the most awesome site and collection I think I've ever seen! I think I am jealous :)

Check out their full collection here! The "bone" one still cracks me up.... who the heck wants to smell bone?? It smelled like a car tree air freshener! xo, Brie

Friday, May 23, 2008

Soapy Love!

I had to share these.... these soapsicles are some of the prettiest and best looking soaps on a stick I have ever seen. Owner of Soapy Love, Debbie Chialtas has a magnificent eye for combinations and colors. Her attention to every detail, right down the packaging really puts these over the top!

Imagine how cute these would look in your guest powder room for summertime! They would also make beautiful gift favors! I could look at these all day... three cheers for indie moms in business!

ETA: make a purchase before June 1, you'll get 25% off! Just enter voucher LAUNCH25 when you're checking out! (yahoo!)

Available for purchase here
Have a great long weekend!! xo, Brie

Thursday, May 22, 2008

False Alarm on Lost

I just checked the tivo and it was a pop up video of the last 2 episodes. Mr. KB got me all freaked out that it was the finale! I guess the finale is a 2 part. First one hour installment was last Thursday's (which they reran last night) the 2nd installment is a 2 hour next Thur 5/29 beginning at 9pm. Way to be confusing Lost! What else is new?

Finale is on Thursday May 29th!

David Wins!

Boy oh boy did American Idol (and all the media for that matter) love the fact that final was down to 2 Davids.

We almost had a complete Tivo disaster meltdown (meltdown by me that is) last night! The kids had their Spring Concert at school at 7pm and at the same time American Idol finale AND Lost finale both on at 8pm. Tivo made the right decision and grabbed Lost for us. Thank you Tivo, you rule! Why they ran the finale to Lost at 8pm (reg time is 10p) on Wed (reg night is Thur) I have no clue. Don't fret if you missed it, they are rerunning the finale to Lost again Thur May 29th!

So what a great surprise to see David Cook win last night and with guyliner to boot! With a 12 million lead in votes no less!! I especially found his win fitting as I maintained my perfect streak of choosing the wrong person every single week! It was a tough pill for poor David Archeutah especially since he performed so well in the final night, the poor little guy. They were both great sports, which I always like to see. Something tells me little David will do just fine!

A few observations from the finale and then I am off to take crying Ms. C to swimming. It's Thursday!

  • What was up with Randy Jackson's Captain Kangaroo coat - that was bizarre!

  • SO great to see my Jason and his perfect teeth again! Michael Johns too :D

  • David Hernandez, not so much ;) what was up with that devilish grin when he said the word "naked" in the George Michael medley? ICK!

  • Why does creepy former contestant Constantine get so much audience camera time?

  • Paula laughing and crying and dancing and crying and clapping and crying

  • and the best news of all is that Country Girl gets to keep her head!! All is right in this world :)

xo, Brie

ETA: Who is funnier than Kimmel? Nobody!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keeks and Brie Headband SALE!!!

Not only are these headbands pretty and functional.... no hair is required to rock it with one! Case in point, my god daughter Sadie :) xo, Brie
Get yours here!!
Mention blog special in the note and we'll refund 4.00 bringing these to 10 dollars each. Offer expires Memorial Day... 5/26/08

And the winner is.....

with an out of the park homerun last night!

Nice work David ArcheUtah! xo, Brie

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't Go Changin.........

I'm going to take things down a bit with one of my personal favorites....

This is for David Cook... seriously, bring back your old hair! I do NOT want to see this weird hair tonight. Got it? Thanks! xo, Brie
eta: It's hard to get a good link to the weird hair. Maybe his stylist is rethinking this bad move? It's long bangs, straight line, right in the face, it's not pretty!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't you just love a Bargain?

Isn't this cute? My friend wore it party last week and it looked so pretty on her!! This will be perfect for a chilly night on the Cape this summer and here's the kicker... it comes in 4 pretty colors but the yellow for some reason is almost 50% off at 44 dollars at Talbots! Done and Done! Can't wait to get it :) xo, Brie

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Jo Malone has 2 new limited edition fragrances out in a collection called Kohdo Wood. One is geared more for day (lotus blossom and water lily) and one for evening (dark amber and ginger lily). I love them both and was having trouble deciding which to choose.

Then I found a Saks gift card with a decent balance left on it so.... I got both (in the smaller sizes). It's my lucky day and I smell good to boot :) yippee! xo, Brie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Color me Awesome

I have always boasted about the fact that I would be the perfect person to work for Benjamin Moore or some other paint company and come up with the cute paint names. This quiz was up on one of my favorite blogs How About Orange? a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd share in case you missed it. Take the quiz here!

pic from flickr berly816

While I do hate to brag ;)but I got a 9 out of 10. Beat that and have a GREAT weekend! xo, Brie

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Any Given Thursday

Swimming lessons with Ms C.

Have I mentioned she is not a fan? She gets there and is FINE!!! She loves her teacher Ms. Kathy. Here is the "before" shot....

Every. Single. Thursday.

and after.... happy, happy girl. The power of ice cream is awe inspiring :) She'll be crying again next week, GUARANTEED! xo, Brie

The Lilacs at Work

These lilacs have been bringing me a lot of happiness these past couple of weeks! They have also been inspiring me to keep the house tidy because what is the point of filling a vase with beautiful flowers and putting it in the center of a messy room :)

Lilacs have really woody stems so the secret is to cut them with clippers, take them out to a hard surface (like my driveway or sidewalk) and hammer the heck out of the stems so they are all cracked and split. This helps with the uptake of water. They sadly won't last too long even with this handy tip - only 3 or 4 days. Without the hammering, they'll be wilted and done for in a few hours. Keep an eye on your water level too, b/c they get thirsty! Your space will smell beautiful!! xo, Brie

PS I am super psyched for the David y David throw down showdown! I realized last night for the first time that I would have been sad to say goodbye to David ArcheUTAH (didn't make that up but I love it!) last night. He really won me over with the Chris Brown song. I think I still want David C to win, but at least it will be an interesting finale. Let's hope anyway :)

on a final note... FANTASIA??? What the............. I watched that performance twice with my mouth open. When they would flash to Simon at the 14 minute mark with his mouth open I couldn't help but snicker. His face said it ALL! Fast forward to 2:44/2:45 to see for yourself, so funny.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol... tsk tsk

David is the king of funny faces.... like this. Pic courtesy of :)
American Idol is pulling out all the stops to "create" a season finale between the 2 Davids. The judging was SO biased last night because as much as I HATE to admit this David Cook was OFF last night. I still want him to win, but man was he out of tune last night.

David Archuleta was the man of the night. First song (chosen by Paula!) was perfect. Second song (chosen by him) - loved it. He definitely was awkward singing "need you boo, gotta see you boo." The dancing.... again awkward! His voice was right on though. I thought is was a smart choice picking a top 40 song and I love that song. Third song (chosen by producers) was pure sabotage! What the..............???? All in all though, the strongest performer. Maybe having dad gone from backstage helped him!

Still missing Jason, I'm hopeless!

MUST GO SEW! Have great one! xo, Brie