Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lilly and Me

Just when I think enough is enough and tell myself I have plenty (and I mean plenty) of Lilly Pulitzer items in my wardrobe.... my subconscious eases my guilty mind and tells me there is always room for one more summer skirt. If the summer skirt in mind is trimmed in seersucker than it is a definite yes!

So one of my favorites Third Coast Preppy recently posts the entire spring line is 50% off at In the Pink by using code 0715!!!

Here she is...................

and there she goes............... :( They don't have my size boo hooo hoooo. Just wanted to pass along this great code in case you feel the need. I hear 50% off and my head starts to get a little woozy :) xo, Brie


lisagh said...

Super cute skirt ... too bad.

TCP said...

So sad. :( I'll keep you posted if I see it anywhere else!