Friday, February 29, 2008

Retail Therapy

AH...Nothing like a little retail therapy to chase away the winter blues! It is FREEZING here in NJ!
I bought mostly for the girls and one thing for me from Land's End

For me the ever practical denim skirt - I really like the shape of this one with the slight A line flare

For Kay I got here this cute bathing suit set and adorable tunic with some capri jeans! They also have this really cute sundress which I didn't get and am already regretting. She has a ton of pink and I wanted the navy blue one which they don't have in her size :(

Here is the link to the super cute dress that I didn't get :(
For Ms. C who is in love with strawberry shortcake... how could I resist this adorable little skort along with a couple of coordinating t shirts. This is a pic of the back of it (the front is smooth) but it's hard to pull pics off to share. in all a great little shopping spree :) Lands End also has this handy little live chat and the woman was very quick and patient with my million and one questions and typos. What a great way to start the weekend! Enjoy yours!! xo, Brie

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Straight to the Garbage with you!

You are horrible!
but hey, hey, hey... Jason did that funny dance again! Gotta respect his commitment to choreography!

Please won't you be.... my neighbor :)

It's such a good feeling to know you're alive, it's such a happy feeling you're growing inside and when you wake up ready to say.... I think I'll make a snappy new day.

I think I might have mentioned in my 7 weird things that I have a talent for remembering lyrics. That all being said, in Fred Roger's memory on March 20th (his birthday) Mr McFeely (I have a feeling exec producers would rethink this character's name in today's world) would like you to wear a sweater (I will take it a bit farther by insisting a cardigan) to remember and honor Fred! I'm in!!!

I LOVED that show when I was little. I am the first to admit it wasn't all that exciting but something about it sucked me in. I think picture picture might have been flashing some subliminal messages to me that kept me glued. I was envious of his organizational skills even as a 6 year old, that tidy closet with all those sweaters and shoes and the discipline he showed each and every time changing into clean sneakers before arriving into his house. I longed for a working stoplight of my own for my room. When Trolley arrived for the Land of Make Believe, I would nearly lose my mind with excitement! I also wanted to derail Trolley when he would come ringing back to announce the end of the Land of Make Believe. Meow Meow kitty was so cute and Lady Elaine Fairchild was positively frightening and often misunderstood. He even remembered to feed his fish everyday.... So best believe, I will be wearing a sweater for Mr. Rogers on March 20th!

I bet Liam will too, he is the only one out of my 4 who actually liked the show (I suspect picture picture again) but there was this great period of time when he would get home from prek 4 and it would be starting just as we walked into the door. We watched it together every weekday and had lunch for that whole school year -so awesome!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Outlook Not Good

so says the 8 ball! I am posting immediately after Idol tonight while my mind is fresh and I don't want any outside influences clouding my vision :) I also have a half hour to kill until PR!
This is such a crap shoot because honestly lots of these guys were "eh" for me. My daughter thinks I am meaner than Simon. It's all very funny because I carry on as if I can sing. I cannot, but my ears are in tip top shape. So bye bye tomorrow to:

but thank you, thank you for that awesome dance move at the end! Like Keely and Country Girl have both said.... a cruise ship is calling your name.

your Freddy Mercury was NOT bad and you remind me of Luke Perry which is weird because your name is Luke. You're getting the boot for lacking the old stage charisma.

you have used your get out of jail free card already. Bold choice to sing "No Good" because that's just how I thought the judges would rate the performance.

and last but not least, bye to cute Kady. I love your Brittany impression, it's great! I loved your dress tonight! The stones reminded me of my scarab bracelet which I LOVE and am now off to go look for! xo, Brie

Sweet Inspiration

Completely and 100% inspired by Sweet Inspiration's beautiful post this morning, it got me thinking about my Gramma Gert.

I have been incredibly blessed in my life to be surrounded by a great support system. I spent a lot of time with Gram growing up and I will never ever forget her beautiful blue eyes, quick wit, and wonderful infectious laugh. She taught me how to play cards, make fudge, and love traditional irish music. She tried about 200 times to teach dumb dumb here (read: me) how to crochet but I could never catch on. She's been in heaven for 2 years and I miss her everyday. I have wonderful memories, beautiful afghans displayed and used in my house, personalized Christmas stockings, can make a killer fudge and a homemade macaroni and cheese, and can probably kick your butt in cribbage ;) all thanks to her! Miss and love you! xo, Brie

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seven Up Series - Out!

Remember when Ryan Seacrest would say that at the end of American Idol a few years back? That was completely ridiculous!!

I finished the up series last night - I have that sad feeling when I have just finished a great book because I didn't want it to end. I really loved it and highly, highly recommend it. So interesting to watch, you will definitely form "favorites". The hardest part for me was in certain episodes different participants were losing their parents. It was hard to watch, these people will really start to grow on you and when they were sad, I was sad too. I am also quite sad that I have to wait until 2013 for the next installment!!! Good news however, I have perfected my English accent which I love to annoy my hub with :) - bloody brilliant!

Rent it, pronto!! Happy Tuesday! xo, Brie
PS one of my favorite quotes that they love to replay in each episode is from this adorable 7 year old boy Andrew who says " I didn't quite like those rough children, one hit me in the back and I still have a pain there" that made me laugh every time!

Monday, February 25, 2008

All Partied Out

I know I am getting older when I type these words - All Partied Out- but I am!!! We had a black tie "Oscars" party to attend Saturday which was a benefit for our local hospital. It was a fun time. Back when I was around 22 (which wasn't THAT long ago, but sure feels like it was)I developed this lovely little habit of having sleepless nights if I have more than say 3 drinks. Perfect timing since I was a senior in college!! Well, I am quite dismayed to tell you that this has NEVER gone away. Some nights are worse than others, but this particular Saturday was one of the worst to date.

I had 3 (ok maybe 4) drinks over a 5.5 hour time span and got exactly one hour of sleep that night. Sunday was a complete waste for me (although I am almost done the seven up series). I do realize that the logical solution would be to drink water or limit it to 2 and no more, but common sense is clearly not prevailing.

Black tie events, not my thing. Figuring out what to wear is always especially stressful and I just don't love it. I'd much prefer a casual nice dinner out with friends! I guess I can suck it up for once a year - that's definitely my max!

Hope your weekend was fun and more restful than mine! I'll leave you with this to ponder... Which would you prefer? Your date/husband to be the wallflower type (read: my husband) refusing to dance with his lovely wife (read: me) or a wildly uncoordinated guy who loves to dance the night away (read: some unknown guests spotted). I truly can't decide.....

xo, Brie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Laser Olympian

As promised.... Our month long celebration for Kev's birthday came to a wonderful finale with a birthday party with his friends from school at a place called the Funplex He has been wanting to have a party here for years but I always felt he was too young (this place is huge inside) so his requests were continually declined with clever responses from me "like they are closed that week for painting"!

Birthday parties were getting completely out of control around here so we made a family decision to go the "every other year" route. I highly recommend it!! So long story short is I caved and let him have a lazer runner party at Funplex.

First a word about Funplex... this was the greatest party we have ever hosted. It is one flat price per guest and you don't have to do ANYTHING else except for goodie bags. This includes invites, table linens, plates, cups, balloons, lazer tag, unlimited use of the bumper cars, 20 tokens per guest (they have all kinds of amusements like skee ball etc) thank you notes, party server, and they even do they cake!!!! Total home run. They key to these parties is to have it on weekeday b/c they place is a complete zoo on the weekend. On a Thursday night we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I really can't recommend this place enough!!

Ok, now it's Lazer runner time. Our party server suggests Dave and I go in for the game. At first we decline, but then change our minds b/c it's held in this dark, day glow room (black lights) with a fog machine and we figured we'd go in to be the safety monitors. At first I have no idea what I am doing... I am trying to laser people on the green team (I am on the green team) and finally my 11 year old daughter pulls me aside and gives the rundown on the rules, lasers me, and disappears - kezer soze style.

At this point something in me snaps... suddenly I understand the game and am quite the shot! Nobody was safe including our very own birthday boy who I zapped about 15 times. As someone who has never really understood or excelled in any way in sports, I do believe I have found my calling! If the Olympics decides to form a team - I'll be there grabbing the gold for the USA.

The game ran for 15 minutes, I was out of breath, had broken a sweat, and scored 14 new fans in the form of 9 year old 3rd grade boys :) Here's our breakdown and in case you're wondering.... I was number 04!!!

Kev thanked us 25 times for the best party ever and proceeded to do this joyful, hilarious, birthday dance while the kids sang "Happy Birthday" it was the funniest thing ever and made me quite sad that I dropped and broke our video camera at the pumpkin patch 4 years ago :( - see I told you I am clumsy. It was a really fun time!!

For goodie bags, each of the boys got a nerf football! An easy route to take and the boys really seemed to like them!

Have a great weekend, I have more nonsense planned for tonight.... see you Monday! xo, Brie

Friday, February 22, 2008

Seriously, the funniest thing all day....

ROFL - this is a joke right???????? I just got this email (below) from itunes..... They must be hearing something different than me! I predict they sell exactly 24 downloads to the contestant's parents!!!! xo, Brie

After scouring the country for the next American Idol, Simon, Randy, and Paula narrowed down their list of thousands of Idol hopefuls to just 24 semifinalists. This week, America voted and ended the competition for Garrett Haley, Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella, and Colton Berry. For the first time ever, performances from each contestant are available exclusively for download on iTunes. And starting on March 11, when the competition heats up even more, audio and video downloads will be available for each of the Top 12 Idols' performances the day after the show airs on FOX.
Check It Out

Real Snow, Real Snow cha cha cha

Ok, so this is it! The BIG one has finally hit NJ! Earlier this week they said 8-10 inches of snow, then downgraded to 4-6 inches, then last night before bed 2-4 inches. I went to bed fully expecting nothing AND school. Well, got the 5 am call (only one today, thank you lord) saying school is cancelled. I always happy to snap off that alarm asap :) Got another wake up call in the form of my visiting "sister" Lacey (read my parent's dog) barking at a neighbor at 7am. So much for sleeping in. We have well over 10 inches of snow and the kids are in heaven and have been playing outside all morning.

Here is what Caroline originally selected to hit the sledding slopes with this morning. While I love her selections (especially the bracelet and Lelli Kellis on the wrong feet) the good mother in me bundled her up to resemble Randy in The Christmas Story. Remember him? "I can't put my arms down!!!" xo, Brie

PS tomorrow I will share my adventures last night in laser tag - me and 14, 9 year old boys

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol

I always find myself with serious ADD at the very beginning of reality tv shows, even including ones I love, like American Idol. There are just too many people here right now and I can't keep my head straight. Since the first cuts are tonight (I believe it will be 2 guys and 2 gals to go) I have consulted my magic eight ball and the votes are in - again, who will I celebrate with when it all goes just as I suspect if I don't post my predictions!

Ok here it goes.... bye bye tonight to: (and please don't place any vegas bets on these... Bucky totally screwed up my pool a few years ago b/c I had him as first to go and he survived like 5 or 6 rounds, I'm not bitter or anything)

and the sleeper of the week goes to this guy Jason! Who are you? Where the heck did you come from? You got zero coverage during the hollywood week and you came out and kicked it with a Jack Johnson flavor. Keep that up and you're going far for sure :)

and um.....Did anyone else hate the 60's covers??? I felt like I was at a bad wedding that wasn't open bar ;) xo, Brie

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fan Favorite "Feroche"

By a landslide.... you guessed it :) My fierce boyfriend Christian. DUH, of course he is the fan favorite!!!!! I wonder if my 1,954 text messages helped him win? (I kid) xo, Brie

Keeks and Brie Supa Fly Sale

ALL belts and braided headbands are marked down at Keeks and Brie!!!
Belts 30 dollars are 25 dollars each!
Braided headbands 14 dollars are 10 dollars each!

Sale through 3/15!
Happy Wednesday :)
xo, Brie

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My latest Addiction

Sorry I have been a bit of a no show today, but I am completely hooked on this dvd series that my mom brought to me this weekend. It's called the UP series (seven up, 7 plus seven, 21 up, 28 up, 35 up, 42 up, and 49 up) AWESOME!!! It's an incredibly interesting documentary of interviews of 14 children from all different economic and educational backgrounds. The interviews start when the kids are 7 years old in England. They get their take on family life, education, friends, social issues, and future goals. Some kids are raised in very privileged settings, some are raised in state homes, and one boy is raised on a remote rural farm with a 4 mile walk to school everyday. Then they revisit these same children every 7 years into adulthood (last series is age 49). The physical changes alone are shocking over the years. I am only on 21 up and the turns their lives have taken are inspiring in some cases and somewhat shocking in others. I'm completely addicted and off to check out 28 up! This is a must rent if you like reality type documentaries! xo, Brie

PS available on Netflix, I just checked :)

PPS Top 12 guys perform tonight on Idol!! Woooo Hoooooo :D

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Rewind

Another FUN weekend here in NJ. Certainly not as active as
last weekend but another weekend like that may just do me in!

My parents were here to celebrate Kev's birthday again (birthdays around here tend to be more like birth2weeks with multiple parties - and in case you were wondering, NO we aren't done yet! One more to go!)
Highlights included, several basketball games, a trip to the ice skating rink, and we learned how to play this game Kevin loves called Mancala(a graduation gift from his sweet OT Shannon!)I have yet to beat the 9 year old by the way. It is really fun! We also watched more Star Wars movies than I care to comment on. They are SO boring to me. The only guys I like are those aliens who play the oboe music in the bar.

and last but not least, my "sister" Lacey is staying with us for a little bit!! Wish us luck, she is a bit of a diva! A very hungry diva!

Happy President's Day! Enjoy the long weekend if you get it! My husband did not :(
xo, Brie

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chapped Lips?

Tis the season. This is the best chapstick. Ever. Got it for free once when I first class (yahoo!) to Ireland. I've been hooked ever since!

Cuckoo day here today, my parents are here for the weekend for a visit. So while there will be no Spice Girls again, I do believe we'll have a pretty fun time :) Enjoy your weekend! See you Mon :) xo, Brie

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is anyone else upset about this?

You can't imagine my sadness to see this little fellow go on American Idol last night. I truly have a thing for nice nerdy guys and bonus points for the tie! So what's the message here American Idol? Nice guys finish last??? Nice, very nice! Poor Kyle Ensley, I am sad to see you go :(
xo, Brie

and the winner is.......

Using this cool little Random Number Generator we have a winner! Lucky number 2 it is!!! That's you Libby! Congrats!! Email me at bridget at keeksandbrie dot com with your mailing address and it's yours all yours!

Project Runway (spoiler alert!) went somewhat as expected last night except I didn't realize we were jumping straight to fashion week with not 1 but 2 eliminations!! All I can say is Chris, you owe Roberto Cavalli - big time! He saved you because he wasn't around for avant -garde week.

And my little Christian.... you make the weirdest little clothes but I was beaming with pride for you last night when you won, like you were my son. Your celebratory snap with the "work it" quip and super joyful skip off the stage made me love you even more!!!! (as if that could be possible)

Happy Valentine's Day!!! xo, Brie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So What if we can't go play in the Snow?

We're having hot cocoa anyway! :p

Snow Day!!!!

Finally we have a snow day here in NJ! It's yucky snow though... the kind that weighs 2 tons because it got rained on top of all night. It definitely doesn't look like snow you can play in but it does look snow you can drown in!

The automated system that school uses proceeded to call not once, but FIVE times to tell us there was no school today. It was like a cruel joke to say, "there's no school but we're going to make sure we wake up your whole house at 6am so there is no sleeping in for you today!" I powered through though and was able to fall back asleep :) I'm dedicated to my craft that way!

The kids are already getting into squabbles upstairs, so I suspect this will be one long day! Wish me luck! xo, Brie

PS don't forget to comment on the FREE Valentine key for the drawing tomorrow, the odds are great - LOL, check it out HERE

Monday, February 11, 2008

Project Runway Predictions

serious project runway weigh in here....

I have been neglecting my posts on this show. If you have been reading my blog, you know its one my faves. It's been a great season but time's a ticking and as usual I have some serious predictions here. If I don't post them now who will I celebrate with when it all goes down just the way I think it will!!!

We said goodbye to Ricky last week and his strange little choo choo hat so here's how I predict the rest of the season!

The "outs" in order

5. Chris - he can be entertaining but he's already been cut once and was allowed to come back after Jack, so now he's on borrowed time anyway

4. Sweet Pea - I kind of like her but she seems a little less experienced and this is a tough group of talent

3. Jillian - from a design perspective, she is my favorite of who is left (Jack was my original pick to win but he had to leave for health reasons) I think Jillian will exit early only because time management seems to be a problem. As someone who sews, I can tell you the budgets and time limitations are completely insane and unreasonable. The fact that these designers are coming up with actual good looking pieces leaves me amazed!

2. Rami - He was my second prediction to win after Jack left. He is super talented but kind of a one trick pony. Lots of Grecian looking draping etc etc. Plus I am placing him second for two reasons. 1: being such a sour puss with Sweet Pea during that avant -garde episode and 2: I believe he already is enjoying some notoriety by designing for some stars.

so who does this leave us with????

Of course my favorite of favorites - CHRISTIAN! I love this guy, he is so sassy, fresh, and fierce (his word, not mine). I'm not totally feeling his 80's retro designs, but who can resist his hairdo and super snark! Here he is with a little crown I made him!

xo, Brie

Slam your Body Down and Wind it All Around - My Weekend Part Deux

Ok, so as if the John Denver sing along wasn't enough excitement for one day.... that very night E is able to snag tix for none other than the SPICE GIRLS. These were hot tickets around here! We each brought our oldest daughters and E's 15 year old niece came too.

Here we experienced a full 180 from our afternoon earlier. Here we are no longer the "youngins" like at the JD sing along. We are now the "old ladies" in a sea of screaming teenage girls and young men wearing shirts that say "spice boy". Seats were awesome, we were 20 feet from the stage. It was seriously unreal... I think I knew 4 or 5 songs they did. I have to say though, they were great. Real entertainers these ladies are!!! They sounded and looked awesome! I felt 100 years old here but we all sprang out of seats for a little "Wannabe" which was one of their encores. Who can resist delicious pop like that? Certainly not me! We debated the whole way home who our favorite "spice" is and none of us agree. For me it's a no brainer - Scary Spice is the best, hands down! Hi Ci Ya - Hold Tight!

PS extra bonus was seeing Carson Kressley from Queer Eye! I love him! He had a great time too, was rockin out the whole time! Hey Carson, remember that crazy middle aged woman yelling and waving to you? That'd be me :D! E was horrified by my shameless adoring of Mr. Kressly, I can't help it, I ♥ him!

Here's some pics! xo, Brie

Awwwww, that's my girl Scary's little baby girl, isn't she cute?

Country Roads - My Weekend Part 1

I mentioned to my friend E on New Year's Eve that I love John Denver. I do - I grew up in the 70's and would request his vinyl albums for a "good report card prize". If that's not incentive to do well in school, then I don't know what is! At 8 years old the drug referenced lyrics went right over my head. Anyone who doesn't love John Denver for his perfect pure poetic "fantasticness" is just missing out on something huge.

So E sees that our local community theatre is hosting an event called "Almost Heaven" a John Denver sing along. I'm usually up for anything (as long as someone else is planning), so we decide to give it a shot. It was interesting afternoon to say the least! The music was good but we were one of the youngest in attendance by far. It was a sea of white hair, wheel chairs, and even I'm sure I saw few oxygen tanks! The song selection was right on, they even played a few more obscure favorites like For Bobbi and Looking for Space (love them!). Calling it a sing a long was pushing it though and believe me, I wanted to! I have a feeling I may have been escorted out by security had I decided to join in :) While "Almost Heaven" is a cute play on words, that was not quite accurate either. "Almost Purgatory" would have been more like it :) xo, Brie

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wanna be Valentines?

I found just enough of this seasonally appropriate ribbon to make a key fob. I love the brown and pink!! It's 5 inches in length with nickel hardware. Fits right over your wrist which I like b/c I am always misplacing my keys! Comment me here on this very post and I'll pull a winner on Thurs! ♥ Good Luck♥ xo, Brie

Friday, February 8, 2008

Always check your PreSchooler's Bookbag!

A PSA for parents with 3 year olds who like to pack their own backpack for school. Mine threw in an unopened package of these napkins to bring to school today to share with the class! Thankfully I caught this before we left, now they are up high ;) xo, Brie

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weird Brie Yankovic

Kerry tagged me for the 7 weird things about me...... hope you won't hold any of these things against me :)

1. I am a reality tv junkie, I get way too involved in some of these. I just find lots (not all mind you) of them interesting and they are good shows to sew to b/c they do not require my "complete" attention, I just kind of listen and make snarky comments about how the participants are annoying or funny etc etc etc. I have stooped very low with some of my program watching, embarrassingly low... flavor of love, I love New York, and Crowned. Serious favorites include Project Runway, Run's House, and Top Chef.

2. Sometimes I have serious sleeping issues. I have trouble falling asleep almost every single night and on those rare nights when I do fall asleep early... guess who's staring at the ceiling at 3am freaking out that I am only going to get 5 hours of total sleep if I fall asleep this second. I also sleep with earplugs everynight.

3. I am a bit of an idiot savant with pop culture - you know when you see someone on tv and it's bugging you where you have seen them? I usually know - just happened tonight, I see Miles on Lost and know right away he was Junior's mentally disturbed friend on the Sopranos. I can also pull weird supporting cast names from 70's sitcoms like Polly Holiday, Beth Howland, and Mindy Cohn. It's more like a talent really - see a weird talent!! I was just a touch too young for that mtv show remote control - I would have dominated on that.

4. I tried out to be on the wheel of fortune in college and was devasted when I didn't make it past the written test! Did get a pencil though that said "I tried out for the Wheel of Fortune!"

5. I am super double jointed but have learned to control it a bit by positioning my arms and legs "just so" so people don't completely freak out saying "omg your arm is bending the wrong way!"

6. I don't think this is necessarily weird but many people find it surprising to know that I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I love that show and miss it terribly since he left for satellite radio although I do get Howard TV on demand. I am getting sirius as soon as my youngest is in kindergarten (don't really love the thought of uncensored material around the kiddos)

7. I still know by heart a ton of the Schoolhouse Rocks songs (remember those from Saturday mornings??) Conjunction junction, what's your function???? hooking up words and phrases and clauses.... what is my problem??

8. (yes you get a bonus!!) I am a serious smiling face making offender in email and posts :) I know this, I just think he/she is cute and pop them in everywhere so maybe people know if I am joking around, or happy, or oh I don't know, I just like to make these :)

If you think any of these are weird, just you wait until Monday when I reveal my plans for the weekend (with pics of course!!!!) Even I can't believe what we've got cooked up. Stay tuned :)

I think I am suppossed to tag others, but I am brand new to this blogging, only a month old. Most of the blogs I like to read have been around for a long time and have probably already done this. SO..... I did have fun doing this and if you haven't I recommend you try it. Just say I tagged you ;) xo, Brie

Check out my new Shoes!!

How cute are these? I got the directions from one of my favorite sites (and blogs too!) Being a crafty girl myself, this site has my name written all over it! You find lots of great stuff there, we seem to like the same things so it's real a no brainer to shop there! She is very funny in her blog and generous with tutorials for all of her crafty ideas.

These mocassins were on her site a bit back and you can find the directions here! As you can see the creative juices weren't really flowing for me last night because I selected the exact same ribbons as Caroline, but hey - like I said before she has great taste ;) I bought the mocassins on sale (score!) at Land's End a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the ones I got are no longer on the site :( but if you own a pair, this is a cute way to spiff up some old shoes that need a little TLC. You will have to use glue on the side ribbons, but not on the top bow part which lends itself to swapping. I am thinking I may switch em up every now and again with a leopard grosgrain, burberry ribbon, or hot pink!

I have lots more to "discuss" but must run to Target - rumor has it they have cute St. Pat's shirts and I am an Irish girl who loves a good theme t! xo, Brie