Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meal Plan Wednesday ;)

I had hoped to be updating here more than I have been!  Busy busy - I won't bore you with the details!!

The new job is the BEST EVER!  Loving it so much!   Went ahead and took Kiki's suggestion for The Gap's favorite tee to go with my scrubs.  They are working out great - love this shirt - fitted but not too tight, long in length, and just the right amount of thickness.  It is a very flattering tee which we all know is not the easiest to find!.  Thank you, thank you Kiki!  I enjoy not looking like a 2 by 4 :)

Still menu planning - some days work out better than others but I am trying my best to get some balanced meals on the table most nights.  

Here's what's cookin this week:

Wednesday - Pasta and sausage and salad
 Thursday - Chicken with Broccoli and rice
Friday - Hamburgers on the grill, fruit salad
Saturday - out
Sunday- Tacos
Monday Chicken Parmesan, salad
Tuesday Make your own Pizza
Wednesday Linguine and Clam Sauce, salad
Thursday Chili, corn bread,
Friday London Broil on the grill, grilled potatoes, corn
Saturday Penne A La Betsy

That ought to do it :)  Keeks and Brie is gearing up for holiday shows - I have been working on some super cute additions to the headband line.  More on that later!

Tomorrow I am thinking I might pull out the Halloween decor so I'll something more fun with pics to post!  xo, Brie

PS Linguine and Broccoli - two words I will NEVER know how to spell properly.....  thank you spell checker!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Menu Planning

Have to post it before I lose this slip of paper b/c I did the grocery shopping this morning :)  I am love, love, loving the new job - so fun.  Best part is, no Fridays so TGIT the weekend has just begun for me!  Whoop!  xo, Brie

Friday - American Chop Suey/salad

Saturday - out to dinner

Sunday - cheese steaks

Monday - spaghetti and meat sauce, bread, salad

Tuesday - chicken enchiladas/ mexi rice

Wednesday - london broil on the grill, salad, mac and cheese

Thursday - chili and cornbread

Friday - Penne A La Betsy

Saturday - Stromboli

Sunday - Beef Stew and egg noodles

Monday, September 12, 2011

Favorite Drink

Meet my new BFF in a can.  If you haven't tried this yet, I highly recommend it.  I HATE (and by hate I mean would rather die of thirst in the desert) diet soda.  This guy is just the pick me up I need late day without a ridiculous amount of calories and sugar.  I am now buying the handle version :)  I love you Arnold! 

This week's schedule is truly pushing me to the limit. If I think about it too much it is anxiety producing so I am not even going to show you the list.  It's insane....  I'd honestly be up a creek if I didn't have some carpool friends to depend on.  If you have a busy schedule and lots of places to be - do yourself a favor and make some friends to carpool with.  LIFE SAVERS!  xo, Brie

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Time for Reflection

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, it's hard to believe 10 years have passed. It still makes me sad (to tears) to think back on that day.

I love our NJ Governor Chris Christie. I am in general bored by politics and politicians but whenever Governor Christie speaks, there is something about him that always makes me stop and listen. I do love his no nonsense, cut to the chase approach.  I truly agree with him on almost all issues and he just has a way of articulating that I wish I had.   I just saw this clip on his thoughts of 9/11 and I couldn't agree more. Our weekend is jam packed with the busiest sports schedule I think I have ever seen, but I will most certainly be taking some time out to remember and pray for the families and the survivors of 9/11. xo, Brie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To Work

I have officially completed my first week at work!  I am feeling excited!!  School is great, faculty seems great, and the students seem great for the brief amount of time I saw everyone.  Nobody has been sick which was a nice bonus and it gave me time  to try and find my way around the office.  Only bad news is - they want us to wear scrubs.   On the upside they are comfy comfy to wear to work but there is nothing that makes my keester look more humongous than a nice pair of ill fitting scrubs ;)  I need to investigate my options here.  I was kind of looking forward to doing to fun "back to work" shopping for me - cest la vie!

On top I can just wear some regular t shirts and if anyone can recommend a good go to for some nice standards in tops I am all ears :)  I like them to be slightly fitted but in no way tight, I hate when they are too boxy b/c I will seriously look like a 2 by 4 marching around in a shapeless top and the ever flattering scrub pant.  I also like them a little on the longer side (nobody needs to be treated to the site of my pale white dough boy belly)  and I am thinking solids  or solids with a fun trim might work best.  Definitely no fun phrases on them ;)  Any suggestions?  I am all ears!   Something like this one... would be a no :)

This change in routine has reverted me back to a school aged child in my level of exhaustion.  I am soooooo tired - I know I'll adjust but it is so funny how a tiny tilt to your regular routine can throw you for a loop!   Hope your back to school experiences have been just as great :) xo, Brie

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tender Bar

Just finished this book.  LOVED it!  It is getting my highest recommendations so if you feel like reading a book, keep this one in mind.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids, but TODAY is the first day for me.  I've got that nervous, "I don't know anyone or where anything is" feeling (which isn't entirely true because I have a friend that is sharing the nursing job with me).  I know I'll be fine but I think I will feel a whole lot better a few months into this :)

I think the kids are ready to go for school.... clothes - check, school supplies - check, haircuts - check.  Only thing I forgot is all those forms I have to print and fill out from school websites with info.  Looks like I have quite a bit of writing in my future today!    I also just dug through a rather disgusting trash bag looking for a summer reading form that needs to be filled out - found it 30 minutes later on the desk.  Time for a hot shower - yuck!  Wish me luck!  xo, Brie

Friday, September 2, 2011


Are you on pinterest yet?  I have to admit it's becoming my new most favorite thingamajig.  I will warn you however, proceed with caution.  It is very addictive.   I will try to explain in a nutshell....

You sign up with a username and it instructs you to download this cool little button to your tool bar called a "pin it" once you successfully complete this step (I am not going to lie, it took me about an hour or so to figure out how to do it but I am a little bit dumb dumb with computer things) you are good to go!  Anytime you see something cool on the internet you can click your new shiny "pin it" button and save it to a board on your page. I have lots of boards with examples like "decorating" "craft ideas" "recipes" "kids parties" etc.  Whenever you decide to revisit the pin to execute the fabulous idea, click on the pin and will take you the original url.  Neat-o!

You can pin things YOU find that you like and want to keep handy and you can also REPIN other people's great finds. You can have followers like Twitter or check out everyone's pins too.  I think it would be especially handy if you are redecorating a room, planning a party, planning a wedding etc etc.  I have started a crock pot board with lots of good looking recipes that I hope to be using lots upon my return to work force. 

My only advice - it is addicting so prepare to go wild the first few times you sign on.  What I am finding with time the obsession dies down a bit b/c lots of these great ideas are being recycled.  This is good news b/c now I check in about 2-3 days a week verses every 2-3 minutes ;)

Here is an example of a "board" - nice and organized - way better than bookmarking everything and clogging up your favorites on the computer!   If you check it out, be sure to follow me: Bridget M and I will follow you right back :) 

You can also find some great quotable to hang on your fridge for some subtle inspiration.  This one is up in my house and I refer to it often! 

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone - how the summer goes by so fast every year beats me!  xo, Brie

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Favorite

Anyone who can sing this well live - has me for a lifelong fan.  I love Adele - she killed it at MTV video awards on Sunday but I couldn't find a good quality youtube.   This is my next song to learn on piano fo sho! 
xo, Brie

eta - found mtv version! I am having voice, hair, dress, eyelash, and talent envy. Shout it from the rooftops - I heart Adele :)

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