Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween on Ebay

How great is this dress for a Belle costume? It's less than 20 dollars (ok I am now seeing shipping is a wee high) but for 35 dollars this is way better than the Cinderella I picked up at Costco!! I need to get crackin on the costumes - I love Halloween but it's a lot of work :) xo, Brie
PS the brothers have agreed to be the fast food boys :) Looks like I am making a homemade Ronald McDonald (don't expect much, I am not good at making clothes) b/c it appears Ronald McDonalds on ebay are only for the wealthy ;) I refuse to pay that for a costume!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm alive... really!

Bad blogger alert... I have been trying to settle back into a real life routine of having the kids back in school and managing all that comes with that like homework, oodles of contact paper (which I loathe working with), making sure they have clean clothes to wear, snacks for school, back to school nights, and writing checks galore. Yes, it's the flouncy flounce, glamorous life! It's all hard work for me and takes quite a bit of concentration.

In the meantime I have been watching tv like a lunatic... here's my latest obsessions

So what are you watching these days? Don't be Tardy for the Party :) xo, Brie

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bone Marrow Registry

I spent only a smidge of my morning getting registered to be a potential bone marrow donor. There is someone in my town recently dx with leukemia. I would like to think that I could count on my community for help should I ever need it and that was proved today. The line was out the door with people all joining the registry. It feels good to help out, I encourage you to do the same :) Find out more here !! Enjoy the weekend xo Brie

Monday, September 14, 2009

First "Real" Day of School!

It's official... all 4 are in for full days of school! Caroline starts kindergarten officially today which means, uniforms and taking the bus for the first time. She was so excited and it was nice to send her off with her brothers so I knew she'd get to the right place :)

Fingers are crossed for a great day. This is a milestone for all of us - I hope I do not spend my first kid free day entirely on the computer, but it is not an impossibility :) xo, Brie

PS Sparkly footwear is a must.... courtesy of Na Na

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

All Key Rings are $5

Thanks to all of you who commented or emailed r/g Gram. She is doing really well and may even leave the hospital tomorrow! I appreciate your prayers and support very very much. I need you to know that :)

I just got a fabulous new shipment of ribbons in and I am so excited about these new key rings!

Our key rings measure 5 inches in length so they can fit right over your wrist for a hands free transport or if you prefer them in your purse, they are nice and chunky and easy to find!

ALL key rings are on sale for HALF PRICE through 9/18/09. Selection is very large so you are sure to find something you like! These make great gifts so stock up! xo, Brie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleaning and Great Discoveries

With school starting and for the first time having all 4 in school all day, I am determined to get this house back in shape! First up, I am back on with the flylady. I don't subscribe to the emails b/c it was just too much for me to manage and I when I get overwhelmed I tend to not get anything done. Here's what you do.... sign up for her plans on facebook! She posts the next day's schedule in the evening and the daily tasks are fairly simple (so far anyway) 2 days have proven to make a significant difference in my kitchen!

I find myself wanting to one additional thing to her list each day and today it's cleaning the hell hole cabinet over my phone area (which has always been a major hot spot disaster for me).

While cleaning it out I found this card

It is a greeting card painted from a picture someone took of my grandmother's refrigerator. She had been over there for a Christmas party and opened the fridge for something. What she found inside, was so beautiful she asked to take a picture of it to later paint. Voila! Isn't so cute? I love it because she used to always make us those jello parfaits when we would come to visit. We thought they were the greatest things ever!

I want to get this framed and put it somewhere in the house because it just makes me happy! I am sure glad I cleaned out this cabinet today :) xo, Brie
Original painting by Donna Lovely 2003

update: just got word that poor gram had a heart attack this afternoon and is in icu, if you could send a prayer her way I would appreciate it xo

Friday, September 4, 2009

I got Nothing....

This is what I've been up to today b/c I am looking for some ribbon that I KNOW I have and can't seem to find.

Here's before.... why there was a fiber one bar in my ribbon box will remain one of life's great mysteries

and after! I love me some tupperware bins and ziplock bags!!

and PS I never found the ribbon I was originally looking for. One down and only about 20 more of these to go. It needs to be done, ugh

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! I hope to back Tuesday with more excitement! xo, Brie