Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

The kids had a blast last night. I bought extra candy b/c I thought we'd really be swamped with trick or treaters being a Friday. NOT the case, maybe there were lots of Halloween parties?

We had a little ladybug, a zombie prom queen, a clone trooper (don't make the mistake I did and call him a storm trooper - he was insulted) and Harry Potter.

I am most proud of the Hedwig I made on Kev's shoulder... his nose is a cashew nut.

I liked Kay's makeup too and put some dead hydrangea blooms in her hair and made a wrist corsage out of them too.

Here's a tip if you have little ones... go to Old Navy TODAY - they have awesome costumes and I got this little ladybug last year on November 1st for 4.99!!!!!

Here is our million dollar pumpkin (before)

and after his makeover

I'm sad b/c there was not ONE Heath bar in all 4 bags. The kids hate them, but I love them :( Have a great Saturday, I'm off to vacuum approximately 2 million nerds off my family room rug!


The Mrs. said...

Sounds like everyone had a blast!!!! Landon was so cute as Bob the Builder. I'll post on Monday!

Brie said...

That's a cute one! Can't wait to see him :)

preppy little dress said...

great photos, thanks for sharing!

Preppy Sue said...

The kids look great! So does your pumpkin and sorry, no Heath bars here either :(