Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cleaning and Great Discoveries

With school starting and for the first time having all 4 in school all day, I am determined to get this house back in shape! First up, I am back on with the flylady. I don't subscribe to the emails b/c it was just too much for me to manage and I when I get overwhelmed I tend to not get anything done. Here's what you do.... sign up for her plans on facebook! She posts the next day's schedule in the evening and the daily tasks are fairly simple (so far anyway) 2 days have proven to make a significant difference in my kitchen!

I find myself wanting to one additional thing to her list each day and today it's cleaning the hell hole cabinet over my phone area (which has always been a major hot spot disaster for me).

While cleaning it out I found this card

It is a greeting card painted from a picture someone took of my grandmother's refrigerator. She had been over there for a Christmas party and opened the fridge for something. What she found inside, was so beautiful she asked to take a picture of it to later paint. Voila! Isn't so cute? I love it because she used to always make us those jello parfaits when we would come to visit. We thought they were the greatest things ever!

I want to get this framed and put it somewhere in the house because it just makes me happy! I am sure glad I cleaned out this cabinet today :) xo, Brie
Original painting by Donna Lovely 2003

update: just got word that poor gram had a heart attack this afternoon and is in icu, if you could send a prayer her way I would appreciate it xo


lisagh said...

Thinking good thoughts for your gram. xo

The Mrs. said...

Oh NO! I love that painting. Seriously i would buy it. Prayers for gram.

debra said...

Love the painting (wish my fridge looked like that).
Thoughts and prayers are with your gram.

Kathi D said...

Wishing the best for Gram! My best friend had a heart attack this year--scary but she's doing great.