Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Little Birds

I do believe we've got a bird theme in full effect this week!
This morning, out of nowhere (or so I thought), Ms. C starts singing this song as she is getting ready for school. I am not a huge reggae fan but this particular song I have always loved. I'm floored that she is singing it and she directs me to Noggin and tells me she loves the song and the video because it has baby animals with their moms in it. I'm going to have to agree... this is the cutest thing ever. Just bought it on itunes!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! I be offline for a few days as we eat turkey for me and a turkey for you. Let's eat turkey in a brown shoe :) xoxox, Brie


Anonymous said...

Ms. C is such a good little soul. I love how much she loves all things baby, animal, love... And I have to say I like this version of this song much more than the more common one - thanks for sharing!! Happy Thanksgiving, B!

five tomatoes said...

So cute! :)