Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preparing for the Big Snow Storm

The timing of the big blizzard of 09 is kind of sucky. I have packages to mail, food shopping to do, and a minivan to decorate like Rudolph (if the darn thing ever arrives!)

I did make it to Costco this morning and my advice to you is stay away.... stay far far away! It was a nuthouse and a lot of the crowd appeared to be very hungry and even willing to create complete Costco gridlock in the name of 1/6 of a hot dog wrapped in a Pillsbury crescent roll! It was a lot of fun, I could feel my blood pressure rising. My thoughts were unChristmaslike.

We're home now and just in time. Snow is starting....

At least I will be forced in tonight and might even start wrapping some gifts! Stay warm!! xo, Brie

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