Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Got Back

C had her final Daisy scout meeting today and when I picked her they had planted these beautiful flowers in mini fishbowls. They were SO cute! Please note the past tense... I put the plant in the car, went around the side of the car to get her situated in her seat, went back to my driver's seat, sat down, and heard this horrific pop! I was thinking what the - when I realized my gigantic ashcan had sat directly on top of the flower/fishbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fishbowl appeared to be pulverized by approximately 0.0 seconds of pressure. What an ego boost!

How I am not in the hospital getting stitches in my derriere (please pronounce that Dehr-ree-AY like Ramona) I will never know, so I guess I should be happy. It would have been such a pleasure to have to tell and retell that one!

Lucky for me, I enjoy spending lots of money on things I really don't need at the Christmas Tree Shop (or the Christmas Crap Shop as my dad calls it) b/c I had the perfect tiny vase (please pronounce it vahs - since I paid 1.99 for it) to transplant this traumatized flower! xo, Brie

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Suburban Princess said...

I love that you downloaded my song lol! I would love to hear what you were thinking when you listened to it way back when :O)