Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is still hanging in my foyer. I know it's May and Easter and is long gone. I think I just like "something" hanging in this particular spot. I began my quest to find something more year round to take its place - preferably something not featuring baby chicks and bunnies.

It was NOT as easy as you think. Sure I could have gotten off my keister and gone into Home Goods or Pier One but that would have required me actually getting off the couch and heading out into the heat.

Fingers crossed... I think I may have found the perfect replacement and on ebay no less! Score! I like the votives, I might even light them on a night we are having company over b/c candlelight makes me feel fancy :) I'm sure I'll forget, or won't be able to locate a flame source! I'll post a pic when she arrives and is in place. xo, Brie

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