Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Things (I'm loving this summer)

Here are my current top 5 things I am loving this summer!

1. Special K Berry Cereal

Really good and only 120 cals per cup (not including the milk) I am a FAN!

2. Real Simple Magazine

One of the only magazines that I save and read cover to cover. It's got it all - book reviews, recipes, cleaning tips, make up reviews... I really need to pony up and purchase a subscription on this.

3. Shadow Blast Eyeshadow by Cover Girl

I don't wear eyeshadow all that often but when I do I am not so good at the application. This handy dandy stick makes life much easier for me. Just rub in the fat stick all over your eyelid and fill in the crease with the pointier dark stick and blend with your finger. You can also add more of the pointy beneath your lash line, but let's not go too nuts here. I told you, I'm no good at this! The only drawback is it definitely creases if you do not apply primer first. I highly recommend this primer potion by Urban Decay - completely worth the 18 dollar investment and it will last you a nice long while.

4. Just Dance on Wii

This is a really fun dancing game for the Wii. It's fun for a little workout (you will not believe how tired you are from doing a few full songs) and also fun to drink wine and have dance offs with your cousins. Just make sure one of your cousins doesn't have a flip video camera to avoid future embarrassing facebook uploads that will surely send you into an untagging frenzy! Rumor has it Just Dance 2 is coming out soon. I'm all over that!

5. Proper Work Out Attire

I used to think these things were silly and a waste. Not so! LOVING these Under Armour shorts for walking (currently on sale for 20 dollars at Sports Authority)

and Costco is selling a 2 pack of sports bras for 24 dollars right now. I have them and they are great! Very supportive and comfortable and bonus points for enough stretch that I don't have to dislocate my shoulder to remove!

My faves coming soon ;) xo, Brie

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