Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free Gardening Consultations

We all know everyone can't have a green thumb. After being away for the summer, I think we can all agree that my pots and window boxes look simply fantastic!

Mr. KB tended to their every need. Exhibit A - check out these planters on my front steps

Exhibit B - I am the envy of all the neighbors with these window box arrangements!

Finally, the piece de la resistance - I give you another thriving pot (also on my front step).

In fairness, to Mr. KB it was a HOT HOT HOT summer, and there were only pansies in these pots which never would have made it. Truth be told, even something heartier would have failed b/c Mr. KB is lacking the old green thumb, so I gave up on this endeavor years ago. I'll be spending part of my day today cleaning these out because I do believe this might be a case of nothing is best :)

Counting down the days til the mums are here ;) xo, Brie


Catherine said...

My, my, my . . . ! Have you considered cactus or succulents?

adozeneggs said...

Oh my. I thought I was bad with plants.