Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Halloween Post

Just wanted to present some photographic evidence that nobody in this household went trick or treating dressed as the Nasty Banana! 

In other post Halloween news

  • our two jack-o-lanterns are literally turning to soup on the front step despite this chilly weather, and also seem to be attracting nuclear dinosaur sized flies.  Must get rid of those promptly (I'll make a sticky note).

  • I put on some bright purple nail polish for Halloween - it seemed like a good idea at the time but now Halloween is over and it is chipping, and I can't find polish remover.  I look like a witch in need of a manicure or a rest home.  I am also so overdue for a haircut it is really lending itself to the whole aged witch theme which works.  (sticky note:  get your darn hair cut broom hilda)

  • Halloween decor remains up for a month and counting now.  I'm tired of looking at it already but seem to be lacking much needed energy required to pack this stuff up.  (sticky note:  halloween is over broom hilda,  eat an energy bar and get these decorations outta here!)

  • either someone is hoarding the candy or it's almost gone.  Our community basket is in pathetic mode sporting a couple of fun sized crunch bars, a handful of peanut m&ms, and 2 million almond joys. (sticky note:  almond joys are not all that delicious) 
xo, Brie

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I'll take the almond joys! They're my favorite!!