Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year - this year goes to eleven! 

I totally stole that from my friend on facebook but I love all things Spinal Tap so the fact that our next year goes to 11 leaves me quite excited and filled with great hope for all things wonderful.  My sister also keeps insisting that Snookie is jumping out of the ball that drops down in Times Square?! What a wonderful sight to begin a fresh new year with.... might have to stay up to see that one.  I guess it will take our minds off of poor Dick Clark. 

Someone was saying on twitter that they are setting goals for the new year verses resolutions as goals are more attainable.  Oh yes sir-ee there will be a list of goals made up in here and plenty of them. 

First up getting this house in gear b/c I am hosting a little dinner soiree tomorrow for 10 adults and 17 kids - (yes I said 17) - good heavens, I should have counted out that number ahead of time..   I sure hope they like to play Just Dance 2 and my house is still standing by the end of the night!   

I am planning of serving Barefoot Contessa Paella which I have had before and it's VERY good and my sister tells me I can make it ahead and keep on the warm setting of the crock pot so I just don't see how this can go wrong.  Except for the fact that saffron threads are 17.99 for a teeny jar at Stop and Shop - an essential ingredient I understand for paella but holy shnikes!  I am told this tiny jar will last me a long time - it had better!  I want to make paella with this very bottle for my 95th birthday.  Stay tuned :) 

I am ordering pizza for the 17 kids - I don't have enough saffron threads....

Cheers to a Happy New Year to all.  One of my goals is to be a MUCH better blogger in '11 xo, Brie

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lisagh said...

November 11, 2011 is Nigel Tufnel day! 11/11/11

Woo hoo!