Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Menu Monday....errr Tuesday

Got all the Christmas decor down and put away yesterday so there was no time for the Monday meal planning which I continue to do but sometimes forget to post (like almost always!)    I even forgot to use my new favorito crest white strips which I had on my Christmas list and am slightly obsessed with them, so please believe me when I tell you getting this decor down was no small feat! 

Here's our Meal Planning for the week

Monday - scrambled eggs, bacon, toast - I highly recommend breakfast for dinner!  My husband isn't all that into it so we tend to do when he is out and last night he went to a basketball game in the city.  Kids ALL loved it and it's "our" special dinner club.  Try this sometime.

Tuesday - Stromboli and salad - we have basketball practice tonight at 6:30 and I can't be bothered with a huge mess.  It is also cleaning lady day here which I LIVE for and I do NOT cook anything to over the top on cleaning lady day.  I like to keep the kitchen clean for at least 12 hours after they come.  Tomorrow it will be a mess again.   This recipe is EASY and another one the kids love.   I'll post the embarrassingly easy recipe tomorrow as my New Year's gift to you.

Wednesday - London Broil, mac and cheese (might be homemade, might be stouffers - we'll just have to see how I feel) and broccoli

Thursday - Sloppy Joes (another basketball night at 6:30 and also swimming lessons for Ms. C- these sports schedules are insane)

Friday - Chicken Pot Pie - my quick and easy go to.  The recipe is on the blog here somewhere and while we're on the topic... why isn't the search button up there working anymore?  Totally annoying!   I'll try to find the link and throw it up later. Found it!! Here you go :)

Saturday  - American Chop Suey bread salad - basically pasta, red sauce, and hamburger

Sunday - Ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans

If you meal plan - hit me up with a comment por favor.  I need some new ideas!!! xo,  Brie


Stella said...

Can I just tell you that everyone and anyone had breakfast for dinner this Monday night!!!! We did it and at least 5 or 6 of our friends did it!

I had a menu for the week but a medical emergency cleared it out!

jilly said...

I love to meal plan (MPM) we had breakfast for dinner Monday as well. My favorite part of that is having a good breakfast all week!

dmmlandcruiser said...

My husband won't do breakfast for dinner either. He thinks it is crazy!!!

Fajitas are another very easy, quick meal. You can even cut your veggies ahead of time!