Sunday, February 20, 2011

A week in bullet points

  • Life has been hectic around here.
  •  Basketball is still going on and it's basically March madness come early around these parts. 
  •  I didn't post my meal plan last week as it was most unimpressive.
  • I read another book by Sara Gruen (Water for Elephants) called Ape House.  I didn't necessarily NOT like it, but it was no Water for Elephants.
  • I've been weeding out the sewing studio - it's in quite a state of sadness, finding lots of small amounts of oldie but goodie fabrics so I'm making some limited edition items to put in the xoribbons etsy shop
  • I've been updating my etsy shop (linked) new products, more organized, shipping worldwide now - holla!!  ;)
  • discovered my 6 and a half year old decided to shave her legs in the shower and thankfully was not hurt (razors are now up even higher than they were in the first place).
  • Last but not least - I bought the dress you see below completely on impulse and triggered by a facebook sidebar ad.  How fab is that?  Keep in mind that at this point in time I have absolutely NOWHERE to wear it.  I couldn't resist the amazing savings and am hopeful a fantastic event is on the horizon for me.  Worst case scenario, I pull a Ms. Havisham and wear it around the house.  

Here's the link - they are going fast!! My size is already gone so now I'm EXTRA happy I went for it :)
xo, Ms. Havisham

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Ann said...

Love the Ms. Havisham reference. But, really love the dress. It's so pretty!