Friday, February 25, 2011

What a Week

I am happy this week was short with Monday's holiday, I am ready to bid it a fond farewell.   My youngest was SICK with a crazy high fever and no other symptoms that lasted for 3 days.  Apparently it is really going around and not just in New Jersey which I was able to gather from handy dandy facebook.  I hope this nasty virus doesn't come to visit your house, it's no fun at all.    She missed the whole week of school and probably could have returned today but I decided it was just best to stick a fork in this week and we'll start fresh on Monday. 

In other news... I'm told from some very reliable sources that the totally delicious Shamrock Shake from McDonalds is back.  I went out in search of one only to be told that our local NJ franchise "does not have them yet"  - what are you waiting for folks, I need to get my shamrock on!!!  This news was delivered yesterday around noon and here we are a full day later at 3pm and I am still not over it.   I now have the recipe in my hot little hands - so take that McDonalds!  If you would like to join me and have one too, here is the recipe

I'm still cleaning out the dreading sewing room.   It is taking forever and is long overdue.   I am really trying to weed out and get organized this year.   One great side effect of cleaning is that you find items you COMPLETELY forgot you even had!    Look at this cute little flower I made today out of felt scraps - I love working with felt!  I am working some felt flowers into our hair accessory line and will probably debut them in the etsy shop, so I'll keep you posted on that!  I think it came out pretty cute....

I'm making a delicious chicken and broccoli stir fry tonight that I am told is excellent and I'm charging my camera up so stay tuned - hopefully will get this up over the weekend. 

Last but not least - while I should be cleaning my house in all my spare time, I have been making some etsy treasuries of some of my amazing finds ;) This is the one I made today - it's one of my faves! Check it Out Here! There sure is a lot of talent over there on Etsy!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend for all!! xo, Brie

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Ann said...

I've never had a shamrock shake from McD's but now I really want one! I'm glad your daughter is on the mend.