Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Glitter Hands!

By now I'm sure you've seen these new Sally Hansen Salon Effects  adhesive nail polishes.   I decided to splurge on a set for 9.99 last weekend.  The selection was pretty picked over at our Walgreens but I am very drawn to shiney things (like a fish) so it was an easy decision for me despite the limited selection.  Crazy multi color glitter it is!  Frock Star to be specific.... oh yes please!

I put them on Saturday night while we watched Inception (don't try this at home, this movie requires your complete attention so I suggest you put on American Idol or something instead while you bedazzle your nails). 

When it comes to nail care, I generally leave this up to the professionals.  I am terrible at it... filing and painting skills are not top notch.  I was afraid these would be a disaster but I found the application QUITE easy!  You just size them up, stick em on, and file them down!  It comes with everything you need in the kit (nail polish stickers plus a few extra in case you mess up - which I did not by the way :), a wooden sticky thing for your cuticles and to smooth, and a file - I thought the file was only so so, if I ever do this again I think I'll use my own nail file).

Here is my review in pro and con form - disclosure:  I paid cold, hard, cash for these.  Nobody sent me anything to review these and if for any reason they wanted to.... my arms are wide open. 

  • Easy to put on
  • Nice "staying power" we're on day 4 and they're going strong.  Box claims they last 10 days
  • I am not nibbling on my nails
  • Polish feels soft and pliable at first but definitely hardens with time
  • I was able to bedazzle Ms. C's nails too with the additional strips and left overs - she loved them for the whole 30 minutes she wore them before she peeled them ALL off
  • Our librarian  gave me a lot of positive feedback over my (and I quote) "festive nails" 

  • I feel the designs are little young for me although I must say after looking at glitter hands for 4 days now, I am starting to own it.
  • while they fit me well at the cuticle line, a few of them are a smidge short on the side length of the nail
  • When the sun hits them just right, I'm pretty sure I could get myself rescued of a deserted island (maybe that's a pro, I don't know)
  • May cause you break out in jazz hands without any warning whatsoever
In conclusion, I think it was money well spent.  They're kind of fun and hey... my librarian thought they were fabulous!  xo, Brie


Ann said...

I think your nails look fantastic. I'm going to have to check these nail colors out. Thanks!

Angela said...

Too cute! I am going to have to check those out. You are never too old for glitter.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love it! Very flashy and cool :)