Monday, September 15, 2008

Channel your Inner Princess

This time of year is always so crazy... I've been a bad blogger and am working on getting my act together! With school starting up, fall sports, school changes, Liam's bday (Happy Birthday Liam xoxox) etc I feel like my Jenga tower is on the verge of toppling at any moment.

We had a great weekend with my parents here for a visit and we had a party for Liam to celebrate his 8th bday on Saturday night. He is such a sweet boy and makes his crazy September bday so easy for frazzled mom. Rice Krispy treats for bday school snack - so nice and easy and way less stressful than frosting 30 cupcakes at 11pm!! Jersey Boy bagels for breakfast and pizza hut (his favorite) for dinner - these were all his choices, he's the best!!

I did have a creative spurt this weekend and made up a bunch of headbands to coordinate with the Disney princesses. These could be the perfect accessory for a cute Halloween costume, and I like them because they aren't so "over the top" that the girls would feel weird about wearing them to school! I see I forgot to make one to represent poor Princess Jasmine and I am going to remedy that tonight. My most sincere apologies to Jasmine! It also appears I have promoted Tinkerbelle to princess status as she "only a fairy". My response to that is - I like fairies - so there! These will debut this week with a special price of 10 dollars - a cute stocking stuffer or birthday party present!! Get yours Here!

I like the idea of channeling my inner princess and I am going to practice what I preach today. I have been feeling a boatload of stress lately (none of which I can talk about just yet) and I am going to take it easy and take baby steps until things become more manageable. I am a firm believer of taking care of yourself in order to be a better care provider! Try it and see :) xo, Brie

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lisagh said...

Those colors are delightful! Perfect for any princess.