Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chore Duty for the Kids

In an effort to further simplify my overwhelming list of household chores, the children have been put to work. They DO do things around here but outside of clearing their plates after dinner and putting their dirty clothes in the hamper there are no strict routines. Until now.............

I read about this awhile ago and so far it has been FANTASTIC. You make up a little jar (or in our case a ziploc baggie) with little after dinner chores written on cards. Every night after dinner, we all draw a card and have to do that chore. I kept them pretty simple because we have a 4 year old but you can taylor them anyway you like. Sweep the floor seems to be missing but that is in there too.

There is a prize in there too should you be the lucky recipient.

The kitchen is completely cleaned up in under 15 minutes and the kids seem to really like the responsibility combined with the "raffle". I encourage you to try it!! xo, Brie

Our 4 year old and truthfully most conscientious cleaner of the four! She was on rinse duty tonight (with supervision) and loving it


lisagh said...

What a cutie beauty she is!

Kathi D said...

Is there a rule about how many consecutive times you can draw the night off card?

adozeneggs said...

I think this is the first pic I've seen where she's not making a funny face!!
Super cute!
And if I ever have kids, I promise to try this out.

Lamp Tramp said...

What a great idea! Your little one is absolutely adorable! Sorry for not being in touch lately, I'll try to do better!