Saturday, June 20, 2009

Painting Ceramic Glass Draw Pulls

Ms. C's room is FINALLY almost done and the only thing now that is completely holding me up is the quilt I purchased for the bed. I think it is going to look so cute!! I made the same mistake I always make and chose a quilt from Pottery Barn and bought it off ebay with free shipping for a total savings of $40. Only problem is, the free shipping means it will arrive on the back of a snail - I ordered it on 6/8 and today is the 20th. The seller assures me it is on the way and provided a tracking number etc so I'm not going to get too uppity over it just yet.

We got her a really cute new bed frame from Ikea and it's white. The dresser that was already in the room is a natural wood color and I suppose I could paint it (and still may in the future) but thought I could spruce it a bit and make it blend a little better with some cute painted white drawer pulls. Off to Home Depot (or Homo Depot as our 4 year old calls it very innocently and I can never not laugh when she says it) we go, picked up 10 white ceramic pulls for a dollar something a piece.

Now for the painting - which I am the first to admit I am not very good at .....

First up you need a special kind of paint called "Glossies" put out by a company called Liquitex. They don't come in a ton of colors but all the basics are represented and you can bake glass or ceramic things in the oven to heat set the paint so it won't rub off! It's very cool AND half price at Michaels this week if you are interested for 2.99 a bottle.

Some green lines that are a little shaky and wavy ;)

Followed by some more wavy and shaky hot pink lines ... a preppy wavy shaky plaid!!

Into a cold oven and then set at 325 for 45 to set.

The finished product!! It looks really cute if you squint your eyes :D I'm happy with the results. Sprucing up complete.

Not sure why the top drawer is askew like that... I'm certain drawer number 2 is over stuffed :(

The final room reveal will take place when my budding artist is finished some wall art for her room

and if that darn snail ever arrives with the quilt! xo, Brie


Preppy Sue said...

It looks adorable, well worth the wait! You are so crafty with those draw pulls!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Those are just adorable.

Thanks for the lesson. Can't wait to redo my kids rooms.