Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FB and Twitter

Have taken over my life! My blogging has stalled due to some non exciting life events - unless of course you would like to hear about how I drive my children all over my town every single night to drop them off and pick them up at various activities, fill up at the gas station and repeat.

A new favorite I found through twitter is a site called blip where you can pretty much find any song and tweet, fb, or blog it. I've been digging deep here to find funny random ones - like this! Enjoy! xo, Brie

Quite possibly the worst wham song ever and when I say worst I mean that in a loving way!


The Mrs. said...

Looooooove the wham rap!!!

adozeneggs said...

Oh my god, where to begin?
George Michael's tail, the pedal pusher high waisted jeans............
And boy does he look young!
I so remember that song, and I liked it.
I feel very very OLD.