Monday, August 24, 2009

Dining Room Edition

This is a once a week project but because I was late to the party, you get to peek inside 2 days in a row. Lucky you :)

Today we are doing the dining room, this space served as my sewing area for a few years - nice, right? I never really had any pressure to host a holidays in the past because my parents lived 10 minutes away and my in laws were an hour away. My parents moved to the Cape full time in 2000, so I felt it was a sign to get my rear in gear and furnish this room so I could play hostess from time to time :) I am soooo glad we finally did it! I love playing hostess and hanging in here when we have friends over for dinner.

This room sits right off the living room. In fact I am standing in the open doorway to take this shot. It's not very spacious, and a little on the dark side with this only window, but truth be told we spend very little time in here and that time is mostly in the evening hours so it works out fine.

We bought this china cabinet a few years ago as joint birthday gifts to ourselves. I love having it, it felt like a luxury purchase but boy oh boy did I feel a bit ashamed after unpacking our lovely wedding gifts of Waterford crystal and Lenox china that had sat lonely in boxes in our basement for over 10 years. It's nice to have everything out on display.

I chose this chandelier for it's casual meets fancy feel. At Christmas time I like to hang little teeny glass ball ornaments in red, green, and white from it (stole this idea from my mother in law). You can see my aqua gurgling cod up top on the right. I love that pitcher which was a birthday gift from my sister last year.

The long wooden centerpiece was a gift from my Grammer Fuller. It is an antique bread board (that belonged to her) and I love decorating with it! Apples in the fall look cute, little pumpkins around Halloween etc etc.

This is the first piece of original artwork I ever purchased by local artist Anne Turnley. I love the colors and her style of painting reminds me of my Grammer Fuller's style. Artwork and picture hanging has always been a great challenge for me. Hanging it, grouping it, selecting it etc etcHere is the back left wall with a buffet and mirror from my mother in law's old dining room. They say mirrors make your space appear bigger and this is one of many rooms where I could use an optical illusion :) xo, Brie


The Mrs. said...

Love that china cabinet!!!!!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

How lovely!!! I guess I need to start taking some pictures.

debra said...

The china cabinet is beautiful. Great chandelier, too. I just love dining rooms.

Your living room is great, too. Love the corner w/ the piano.

Thanks for sharing. Stop by and see my rooms if you get a chance.

Jules said...

I LOVE Gurgling Cods and I LOVE your china cabinet! There is another thing that you never see (at least not on the west coast).