Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living Room Tour

Following One Fabulous Mom's lead, I have taken a few pics of our living room for your viewing pleasure :)

This is a fun exercise because: A. it forces you to look at your own space with a more critical eye as you take pictures to post and share and B. it motivates you pick up things like a bocce ball set that has been lying underneath your piano since May!!

Before I reveal all the pics, I will embarrassingly share that this room remained EMPTY for years after we bought the house. This is the first and only house we have owned and the living room seemed like such a luxury verses necessity, so it was a big old empty room for toys for longer than I care to admit. Unfortunately it is directly to your right in an open doorway when you walk through the front door, so the wide open barren space was a bit of an eye sore.

Almost 100% of the actual furniture in this room was inherited. I was afraid the fabrics and colors might not work with the existing dining room that is adjacent to this room (also with an wide open doorway) but I think it works just fine and no longer fret over these types of things and it looks a whole lot better than the brightly colored plastic climb-on toy that lived in there for 4 years prior ;)

So without further ado... I give you my preppy pink and green living room!

The couch, chairs, rug, coffee table and end tables all belonged to my parents, when they moved to the Cape full time their house didn't include a formal living room so we hit the jackpot :) I remember going to the furniture place when I was little to choose this set. They had different fabrics on them at the time, but I clearly remember thinking they were the fanciest, most beautiful furniture I had ever seen.

The plant stand was inherited by Mr. KB's mother. I love it!! I am having some serious troubles keeping a plant alive in there - the aqua globe failed me! Any suggestions for a mid size plant that doesn't require an excessive amount of maintenance would be greatly appreciated.

Another view of the empty plant stand and right wall. The shades (just cut out of the shot) are a natural bamboo and I love them b/c they offer privacy while still providing light when pulled down. I keep them up like this a lot to keep an eye on the kids while they play and ride their bikes out front. My sister Keely made me the drapes and I think she did a great job - I love them! I made the throw pillows on the chairs and didn't do a very good job on them! I was my first time attempting a pillow cover with beading but they just sit there, so they look fine. I love the pink and green animal toile fabric on them.

Here you can see the bamboo shades and one of my favorite green glass witch balls (a gift from my late great Aunt Hat) I love colored glass and have a thing for these glass balls. I added the french wired pink and green striped ribbon for fun.

Here is a fairly unexciting view of the left back corner. The upholstered seat was one of my first ebay purchases. I think I paid 100 dollars for it, still not quite sure what to with it, but I love the little palm tree Lee Joffa fabric on it. On the wall you will see an original oil crayon artwork by my daughter Kay done in grade 5.

I made these shades for the sconces out of the same fabric on the drapes and embellished them with a braided pom pom trim.

Two years ago my Uncle Mark gave us his late mother's and accomplished pianist Ursula's piano. It is a beautiful baby grand piano with ivory keys and plays beautifully. Kay started taking lessons as soon as we got it. The boys haven't expressed much interest but Ms. C is chomping at the bit to learn to play... maybe soon :) The bench is a very intricate and beautiful needlepoint covered seat. Unfortunately our last name begins with "M" - I haven't had the heart to recover it but may loosely cover it and just tape underneath with the same fabric I have on the chair throw pillows.

I once read in a decorating magazine that it is considered tacky or something to display pictures of your family around your house. Well the author of that article is not invited over anytime soon, because I love family photos and have them all over my house (and piano)!

My Grammer Fuller painted the black tray you see hanging on the back wall behind the piano. She is an amazing artist and used to give painting lessons in her home. Unfortunately I didn't not inherit her talent for painting.

I'm never sure if this rocker really goes here, but it was my college graduation gift from my late Gramma Gert and it's staying. I think of her every time I see it.

Last but not least (I think I've shown these before but I really love them.....) They are plaques painted by Virginia artist Nancy Thomas and were gifts from my parents and each month represents the month each of the kids were born. I remember when I was pregnant with Ms. C - her due date was August 1st. I didn't really love the July plaque so I was hoping she'd be on time or late for the August one :) ridiculous, but true! Hope you have enjoyed the tour. I think we're doing the dining room next! xo, Brie


The Mrs. said...

So glad you have joined the tour! Bravo! Looove the pink and green room. Too cute for words. Might I suggest? Bigger art! Big spaces need big art, little spaces little art. I think a bigger pic on the side wall bu side table and bigger one in center over couch would be fab. Or you could do two or three together, similar pieces, would look nice too. Love though that you are using real family antiques! As for family pictures that's a big bunch of BS. The only time no family pics should be around is when selling the house and showing it. That way people don't get caught up in pics and see a nice clean home.

Dani said...

My whole house must be tacky because I have family photos EVERYWHERE! What can I say, they make me happy. And I'm the one who spends the most time there, so I figure it should be something I like.

Brie said...

Great suggestion! My 2nd oldest is going into 5th this year so I am secretly hoping he will create another fabulous oil crayon bird that I can frame to join the parakeet :)

I totally agree about the family pics... I have them everywhere and love them too!

preppyinnewengland said...

I am with you on family photos. It's inviting and warm. Such a beautiful home.
I noticed the monogrammed piano bench, did you make that or canyou tell me where to get one? I love it!

Brie said...

Thank you P.I.N.E. - the seat cover was actually handmade by my uncle's mother who is the original owner of the piano. It is beautiful! I wonder if you could commission a project like this on etsy it you were to provide your bench dimensions?

Kate said...

I am pretty sure we have the same pink chairs in our living room!

dmmlandcruiser said...

Lovely things that have so much meaning behind them. I love the birth month plaques!