Thursday, June 3, 2010

Say Hi to the Strangers

Do you enjoy small talk with strangers? I can take it or leave it, but if you love it.... buy these shoes and I guarantee you a million people will approach you and ask you if they really work!

I really need to prepare an answer for them but I'm still getting used to them and not sure! I am very tempted to tell the strangers that they helped me drop 200 lbs in 2 months. Some of my observations about my new Sketchers Shape Ups.

  • I am definitely sore in my legs where I'm not normally

  • they make me feel 10ft tall b/c they are like wearing lifts. Standing 5'8" since 7th grade, extra height has never held much appeal

  • You will trip a lot when you first get them - take it easy, people are quick to attribute you clumsiness to alkeehol.

  • start out wearing them around the house. I have had them for 2 months now and can only take them out for my 4 mile loop. Your feet definitely tire in these and that tire turns to pain right quick.

  • Do NOT drink and shape up ;)

Anyone else own these? I'd love to hear what you think! xo, Brie

PS Patti - I hope you are reading this and get my "Going West" title - remains a favorite song to this day :)

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