Monday, June 21, 2010


We had a very nice weekend here in NJ with the exception of my hand getting slammed accidentally in the car door. Slammed as in incredible hulk hard, and slammed as in I didn't even see it coming. A mother pucker moment indeed and my right hand no less, which I find I use quite a bit.

Good news is - it is not broken. Bad news is - it is three times normal size, purple in color, and numb. Not a headband making hand at present so the give away will have to postponed. Also postponed: folding laundry, fancy dinners, and housework in general until this finger gets its act together.

My big fat purple pinky :(

xo, Brie


Catherine said...

so sorry to hear of your accident!
what on earth happened?
rest, make the kids wait on you.
all the best!

The Mrs. said...

Holy shiiiite. I am so sorry!