Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To Work

I have officially completed my first week at work!  I am feeling excited!!  School is great, faculty seems great, and the students seem great for the brief amount of time I saw everyone.  Nobody has been sick which was a nice bonus and it gave me time  to try and find my way around the office.  Only bad news is - they want us to wear scrubs.   On the upside they are comfy comfy to wear to work but there is nothing that makes my keester look more humongous than a nice pair of ill fitting scrubs ;)  I need to investigate my options here.  I was kind of looking forward to doing to fun "back to work" shopping for me - cest la vie!

On top I can just wear some regular t shirts and if anyone can recommend a good go to for some nice standards in tops I am all ears :)  I like them to be slightly fitted but in no way tight, I hate when they are too boxy b/c I will seriously look like a 2 by 4 marching around in a shapeless top and the ever flattering scrub pant.  I also like them a little on the longer side (nobody needs to be treated to the site of my pale white dough boy belly)  and I am thinking solids  or solids with a fun trim might work best.  Definitely no fun phrases on them ;)  Any suggestions?  I am all ears!   Something like this one... would be a no :)

This change in routine has reverted me back to a school aged child in my level of exhaustion.  I am soooooo tired - I know I'll adjust but it is so funny how a tiny tilt to your regular routine can throw you for a loop!   Hope your back to school experiences have been just as great :) xo, Brie


Kiki said...

As a Gap Girl I have to recommend the Gap Favorite tees...I love them! Not too tight, not boxy, wash well-and we stock them year 'round.

Good luck with whatever you choose...can't wait to hear what you end up with!!!

Brie said...

Thank you Kiki - heading to the Gap to check them out. They sound perfect!

five tomatoes said...

I like GAP favorite tees as well but lately have been replacing them with Lands' End 1x1 ribs, they are a little bit thicker which I like.

Catherine said...

I'm a bit confused. Are you in school, or working, or working in a school?

Brie said...

Cath - I'm a school nurse :)