Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meal Plan Wednesday ;)

I had hoped to be updating here more than I have been!  Busy busy - I won't bore you with the details!!

The new job is the BEST EVER!  Loving it so much!   Went ahead and took Kiki's suggestion for The Gap's favorite tee to go with my scrubs.  They are working out great - love this shirt - fitted but not too tight, long in length, and just the right amount of thickness.  It is a very flattering tee which we all know is not the easiest to find!.  Thank you, thank you Kiki!  I enjoy not looking like a 2 by 4 :)

Still menu planning - some days work out better than others but I am trying my best to get some balanced meals on the table most nights.  

Here's what's cookin this week:

Wednesday - Pasta and sausage and salad
 Thursday - Chicken with Broccoli and rice
Friday - Hamburgers on the grill, fruit salad
Saturday - out
Sunday- Tacos
Monday Chicken Parmesan, salad
Tuesday Make your own Pizza
Wednesday Linguine and Clam Sauce, salad
Thursday Chili, corn bread,
Friday London Broil on the grill, grilled potatoes, corn
Saturday Penne A La Betsy

That ought to do it :)  Keeks and Brie is gearing up for holiday shows - I have been working on some super cute additions to the headband line.  More on that later!

Tomorrow I am thinking I might pull out the Halloween decor so I'll something more fun with pics to post!  xo, Brie

PS Linguine and Broccoli - two words I will NEVER know how to spell properly.....  thank you spell checker!

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The Mrs. said...

I tell you the menu planning saves you. I have to do this more! Love the T!