Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Ideas

While I hate to toot my own horn, I do have some good Halloween costumes ideas.  Here's the bad news... my kids RARELY ever take me up on them.  One year the boys did actually go for my Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King and it was a huge success ;)  and by success I mean Burger King gave Kevin a free dinner that night and he LOVED it.

Everyone loves this picture of Caroline - I have to admit, it is hilarious

We took our youngest to 2 different Halloween stores today and while they only had 5500 different costumes, she was unable to find something that she liked.  She wants to be something "scary".  Blah.....  We ended up leaving with nothing because nothing was calling her name and I walked out 2 hours later with nothing but a bunch fake spider web decor stuck in my hair.

This is what she would like to be....

This beaut is sold out everywhere :(

Then.... I seriously had the greatest idea EVER.  CORALINE!!!  We LOVE that movie, there is a little scary to it PLUS your name is Caroline and if those aren't the best 3 reasons ever I don't know what are!!!

She said no :(

All I would have to get is a yellow rain coat, some boots, and blue wig.  I'll throw in the button eyes free of charge.

Still no....

I'm sad

Instead she wants to be this.  45 dollars for cheaply made unoriginal fun.

Maybe I'll be Coraline >:)  xo, Brie


The Mrs. said...

We are in full costume search mode! Landon will be a king, Coco Cinderella and we are looking for our couple costume!

The Mrs. said...

Time for a new post! Come on! I did one! LOL