Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Blogger

I've been a rut lately with the blogging!! I'm sorry and am going to make an effort to get this ball rolling again. Sooooo much going on with my struggle to come up with new ideas for Keeks and Brie, kids school work definitely bumping up, my menu planning (which is going great by the way), my new workout schedule (also going not so bad), keeping up with this house, and my complete and utterly ridiculous addiction to facebook. Not only have I not been blogging regularly, I haven't been reading regularly either and solemnly swear to get back to it pronto! Enough excuses already, putting on my thinking cap now :) xo, Brie
guilty puppy pic from lightanddark.typepad I googled "bad blogger image" and here he is.... just how I'm feeling about it :)


Kathi D said...

Oh my, that photo! Who could be mean to that pup?

My reading is in a huge slump, and I have stacks of wonderful books just waiting for me.

But as for the blogging, we welcome you whenever you write, and meanwhile, check out this site:

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Aw, don't feel bad. I have lost my blogging mojo also. At least you have a good reason. I'm just lazy! I think it's the winter weather that is getting me.

That poor puppy looks so guilty!