Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OC Housewives

Was anyone else seriously appalled with Tamra last night? For someone who supposedly has "it all" - she is lacking class in a big and bad way. Having fun at someone else's expense is lame.... cruel intentions anyone?
Gretchen can sure put away the drinks - I seriously would have been unconscious with all the tequila shots.
WHAT is up with Lynne's daughters getting so much air time? She is doing them NO FAVORS - can you imagine going back and watching things you said and did when you were 18? I cringe at the thought of it! Even Tamra seems to have enough sense to keep her younger kids out of the show.
As for the older son Ryan - he seems to be on a mad scramble this season to squash the gay rumors! Let us not forget the "nugget" tattoo on his inner lip- and the touching backstory to boot!
I usually look forward to the Bravo shows like this one, but last night's just made me MAD! Did you see it? Good for us that Lost starts next week, now THAT I can't wait for!xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I was all excited for American Idol last night and forgot about OC Housewives. I missed them both though because I was dead asleep by 7:30. I will catch the re-run tonight though. I can't seem to turn away from that show. You know how I love a good train wreck!

zakary said...

Uggh, I am so disappointed with this show. Bravo should have not put the smack down on the underage drinking. Did they let those girls drive home? And Lynne is totally in denial that the kids are stealing the booze.

My only reaction to the whole Gretchen/Ryan/Tamra mess is I feel incredibly BAD for Jeff's family and especially his kids if they saw that. You know, since he passed away in the fall.

I don't think I can watch anymore.

Brie said...

I didn't realize Jeff has passed away. How terrible.... I know these shows love to "spin" with the edits but in the case those gals gave them enough material - no spinning probably required!

Since when do Jeanna and Vicky look so normal :)

adozeneggs said...

Sounds like some good junk food tv. I've watched a couple of episode online, but just can't get my self to watch anymore! We got our dishnetwork back for 3 months and I'm trying so hard not to get hooked on anything!
I strongly disliked Tamra last season (and Vicky too), so I'm not shocked that she would behave offensively.

The Mrs. said...

TAmra is awful. I feel bad for Gretchen. Tamra is evil and I hate her slimeball son who is soooooo gay!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I just posted about this show! I can't STAND Tamara!!!

Preppy Lizard said...

I absolutely can not stand Tamara. I think she is so rude and low class. I just want to smack her into next year.

But I guess that is what makes good tv...right?!