Monday, March 23, 2009


I LOVE candles by Illumination! Just ONLY found out today that they are going OOB. Another one bites the dust.... it's getting depressing. It's slim pickins over there but they are having a blow out of closing sale. All of the "biggie" jars were gone in my favorite scents but I was able to get a few of the medium jars for 6.75 (marked down from 18!!) I also picked up a few wall plug ins for 2.80 says they last for 4-6 weeks and I always have a few rooms that could use some discreet freshening ;) Run don't walk to Illuminations and use code 999201406 for an additional 25% off your entire order! xo, Brie
I only like putting a vase of flowers or lighting a great candle in a CLEAN room so this is always great incentive to keep on top of things :D

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