Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Idol Chit Chat

I'm watching After the Final Rose Part 2 as I type this (which is a TOTAL ratings ripoff so Check Spellingin case you "missed" it, you really "missed" nothing)

I'm left feeling indifferent about Idol for the third week in a row.

She's in for sure

I hope he's in... (again I'm nervous b/c I actually voted for him last night and got through every single time)

and the last one is a toss up for me. I'm guessing it will be this guy? He got a lot of air time in the preview shows. He is legally blind, and seems like a very very nice guy, but I'm going to say it... I don't think he has that great of a voice. At least last night he didn't that's for sure. I did like how he gave Seacrest a little b busting last night and asked for a high five after the audition debacle.

In case you missed it.... xo, Brie

PS Olivia Newton John totally let me down last night and sang a terrible Meatloaf song. WHAT!??!?! He did such a cool unplugged Disturbia during auditions. He needs to do stuff like that every time.

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The Mrs. said...

You were so right! i didn't like blind guy...I amy go to hell now. Lol.