Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

I'm officially rising from the ashes of a most unproductive last week. I'm back with vengeance :)

Menu planning is complete....

Monday - spaghetti and meatballs

Tuesday - sandwiches and fruit (cleaning ladies are coming :)

Wednesday - Hamburgers - tonight I have to be in about 10 places at once, should be fun!

Thursday - fried chicken

Friday - homemade mac and cheese (meat free meal for Lent)

Saturday - date night! Dinner out and Slum Dog Millionaire (can't wait to see this!)

Sunday - Pot Roast

In other news:

  • Snow day today!!!! We are expecting 6-12 inches - love it!

  • I am working on a particularly hellish project. I'll tell you more about tomorrow - I'm pretty sure I'm in Purgatory on this one

  • Remember that fabulous little sock monkey I hosted at the Cape this summer? Well, he's officially a celebrity and even has a fan page on facebook. Won't you join him? I'd love to see him with 100 fans by the end of the month!!!! Click here to join :)xo, Brie

1 comment:

lisagh said...

Last I checked, Monkey had 35 fans! Awesome :)