Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sale Time

I'm in full business mode this week :) All braided headbands are on sale for 10 dollars each throughout March. I added a bunch of new combos yesterday. These make great Easter basket goodies xo, Brie
See full selection here

PS I am watching Real Housewives of NYC - you've gotta love Simon and Alex. Nothing like 2 lunatics in love. I'm so happy they found each other! :) Ramona is under the impression that she is an awesome dancer which I find so funny and Luanne needs to stop with the chin chin toast - so lame! I'd have wine coming out of my nose if someone said that! Perhaps I am immature :)


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I almost had wine coming out of my nose when I saw the pool that Alex and Simon had in their backyard. I'm going to stop watching that show if they insist on showing Alex without a shirt on in every episode. My eyes just healed from last week.

cancersucks said...

In the previews for next show it looks like A&S are sleeping in bunk beds in the basement of their falling apart house...I'm sure they are in million dollar pajamas, though!