Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Among the Missing

I am on vacation in Cape Cod and having a great time! After a rainy start, the weather turned pretty just as we arrived :)

I am completely a fish out of water here, still acclimating to a busy routine. Blogging is hard to do here - I am missing my laptop and I forgot my camera cord to upload to this computer (Mr KB will bring this to me soon - I need to post pictures!!)

So I am on a very brief hiatus until I can get my act together. I am behind on my reading too!! Promise to get my act together soon ;) Please know in the meantime I have been spending most of my time doing the following:

  • Eating Dairy Queen
  • Reading New Moon - completely hooked now on the Twilight series!

Stay tuned! xo, Brie


lisagh said...

I'm 2 books down on our quest... having a hard time with #3!
Can't wait to see pics of the beautiful Cape!

The Mrs. said...

I am so jealous! Sounds like a wonderful time! Never been to the Cape so post pics when you can!

Preppy Lizard said...

Hope you are having a fabulous time! Happy 4th of July!!