Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Savory Palmiers - Looks fancy but easy to make

Please bare with me as I am slowly easing back into blogging. It's hard not being in your own environment with your own cords, cameras, laptops etc - I'm having some major troubles with the adjustment!

On Monday we hosted a shower for our cousin who sadly lost pretty much everything in her condo to a fire due to a lightening strike to the roof. She needed so much replaced and it seemed like a great excuse for a fun get together!

We had a great spread of food and the party was really fun - the pictures are hilarious, there was dancing, costumes, and some props involved, hope to show more from this party very soon!

Here is one appetizer I made that looks fancy but is pretty easy. Recipe by my favorite Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa who is famous for great food with not so many ingredients.

Here is the cast of characters.....

  • puff pastry (I ask you, what DOESN'T taste good on delicious puff pastry?)
  • sun dried tomatoes julienned
  • pesto (store bought is great, my mom happened to have some handy
  • goat cheese (I prefer Vermont Butter)
  • pine nuts
roll out your puff pastry and spread and sprinkle

fold each in half like so

Then fold each half into the center again, like so

then one more time over to make a cute little log

wrap this little log up in saran wrap and put in fridge for at least an hour

slice her up (preheat your oven to 400)

place onto your cookie sheet and bake for about 15 -20 minutes (recipe calls for closer to 15 but mine were not done and raw puff pastry is not so good, I know this b/c I have eaten it)

Here is the finished delicious product! So good, eat a few before you leave b/c they don't last for long! Full recipe can found here Enjoy! xo, Brie


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That looks super yummy and so easy too! Thanks for sharing!