Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girl's Day in Williamsburg

While Mr. KB was golfing this am, Gigi (my nice MIL) offered to take the 3 younger kids for the morning so Kay and I could have a girl's day in Williamsburg. Kayla chose to head to one of Yankee Candle's flagship stores for some fun and shopping!

There is plenty of shopping opportunities there and it isn't all just candles! They have a home goods section, toy store, Christmas village, cuckoo clocks, fudge, cafe etc etc etc... it's very easy to spend 2 hours there, there is a lot to see!

A new addition there (as in new since 2 years ago when we last visited) is a section called Wax Works where you can create your own scented jar candle for $10

You can choose your own scents and colors

drag a stick along the sides to create a little design and voila!

We each found out our PerSCENTalities - Kay is midnight jasmine and clean cotton which is described as elegant and classic. Mine was vanilla cupcake which is creative and energetic.

You can have your hand sculpted in wax in any hand gesture you like ..... ok, probably not just any hand gesture you like

Into the warm wax you go

It takes several dips in the wax

Now it's time for the colors.... wonder, what she'll choose?! Pink and............

Green of course!!! She IS her mother's daughter you know

Preppy Peace!

Kay in the Christmas Village where the stars are twinkling and snow is lightly falling inside

We come across some wooden cut outs for photo opportunities and I suggest Kay go into one for a snapshot. She says NO WAY, only if you go in one. I think she has now realized that I have no shame when it comes to photo opportunities...

YOUR turn :)

A very fun day!!! xo, Brie

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preppyinnewengland said...

Thanks for that. My Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween would love that place!