Sunday, July 26, 2009

Calling All Pirates

If you are on the Cape and looking for a fun way to fill part of your day, I highly recommend a pirate cruise aboard the Sea Gypsy Pirate Cruise that sets sail daily seasonally out of Hyannis. The cruise is approximately and hour long, about 20 dollars per person - plus and extra 8 for the pirate head scarf. It's a very kid friendly and interactive event. You must make reservations in advance by calling as space fills up quickly.

Keeks and I took her 2 daughters, Molly and Sadie along with Caroline for the cruise last week and we all had a fabulous time. The girls were all the PERFECT ages for this (Molly and Caroline esp at 4 and Sadie had fun too age 2)

Here are the innocent travellers at lunch before the cruise....(we ate at an outdoor place called Spankys which I also highly recommend!)

suddenly transformed to into these wicked swashbucklers!!!!!

Can I tell you, how DELIGHTED I am that they went for the mustaches? They weren't sold at first as they didn't want to be mistaken for boys, but in the end they went for it!!

On our hour long cruise there were naughty pirate sightings...........

Some apprehending of said naughty pirates with a couple of blasts from a water cannon

Some searching for buried treasure

Some finding some buried treasure

Some celebrating the finding of the buried treasure

This looks like a good place to stash some treasure telescopes - she didn't even know it was there for quite a bit!

We enjoyed some "Shark's Blood" aka cherry soda

A limbo stick suddenly appeared for an impromptu dance party aboard the high seas

The proud crew mostly sporting crocs. The preferred foot wear for pint size pirates!

Molly proudly sports the flag

The crew playing dead as we dock to scare the next group of unsuspecting wannabe pirates on the 2pm tour

Celebratory ice cream cones at Smittys back in Falmouth. Warning: Eating ice cream can be hazardous to your mustache! xo, Brie


Seersucker Scrapper said...

That is adorable. I am going to have to remeber that one.

Looks like everyone had a great day!

Kathi D said...

Those pirate kids are scaring the crap out of me.

Oh wait, they are eating ice cream now.

Never mind.