Monday, March 15, 2010

Five things I'm Loving and also a little gripe

I have been bookmarking away some new spring fashions and accessories from my favorite stores to share with you. Guess what?? Lots of site are changing over to the flash versions so you can't clip the pictures (which of course I was going to link!!!) I'm disappointed by this feature and will be unable to share fun finds from these sites which no doubt would have brought them millions upon millions in sales. Their loss! I will tell you, Talbots has a lot of really cute costume necklaces right now.

In the meantime I will give you 5 things I am a-loving right now (besides the leotard wearing dancing pumpkin)!

1. Archer Farms Lemon Italian Soda from Target - yes Target! It is soooo good and I have a feeling would make a delicious mixer for cocktail as well. I plan to put this to the test in the very near future!

2. Trader Joes Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans - in the chip isle. Nothing about these would have ever caught my eye but my mom had them the last time we were there and they are delicious and addictive and not all that bad for you.

3. Bath and Body Works Look Ma soft Hands - smells great and helps my poor old witch looking hands feel better

4. Scarfs! Thanks to Nicolette and her great post, I have been loving wearing these and tying them up in this nifty new way! I LOVE youtube!!!

5. Long flowy buttonless cardigans like this great one I got at H&M last week. A nice camouflage for someone who has been eating her way through this long hard winter. It is definitely time to up the workouts which have not been so happening lately! I would post a pic but H&M has also jumped over to the flash version of pics. I GIVE UP!!! xo, Brie


Kate said...

For sites like Lacoste that only do flash/won't let you save the photo I do "Print Screen" then paste and cut in Paint. Have you tried that?

Stella said...

I have to say that I LOVE Archer farms stuff from Target! It's soooo good...everything I've had has been!!

And I'm totally making a special trip to TJ's just for those green beans....

Kate said...

I will have to try that Archer Farms soda...I LOVE anything lemony. Tell C. we haven't forgotten about her - we have a letter, a painting & St. Patrick's day card waiting to go out...I am SO not going to be Cookie Mom for our troop next year! It has taken over my entire schedule (not to mention my living room!!!)

N said...

That video has completely revolutionized my scarf-wearing. As for that AF soda... it is so addicting!

Anonymous said...

OH - if you're looking to use that lemon soda as a cocktail, add raspberry vodka to it! My new summer drink last year was Pellegrino lemonita and raspberry vodka - this stuff from Target is probably cheaper and sounds like it is yummy! give it a try :)