Friday, March 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman - The Movie

So have you heard the big news that a movie is in the works about the love story of none other than the The Pioneer Woman!

You have got to hand it to her - she's got one great blog about wrangling, photographing, cooking, child rearing, home schooling fun on the ranch! And did I mention, she's funny? She is! I am very proud of her and I find her to be such an inspiration.

Which leads me to my latest project.... I am fixing to pick up the pace on this exciting life/blog I've got here b/c in the rare event Columbia pictures decides to make a movie about ME - I would prefer it not be of me sitting in a chair watching a live bird cam all day :) Wish me luck!

xo, Brie


Misplaced Country Girl said...

Man, I totally have to step up my blogging game now! Columbia is NOT going to want to make a movie of me sitting next to Iron Man watching basketball while waiting for him to touch me someday! I need to find something interesting to do and fast.

Oh and FYI....I would watch that movie about you watching the bird cam.

lisagh said...

You always make me laugh, B!