Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lego People

My friend told me about a Lego shop in one of our local malls (somewhat local mall I should tell you it was 35 minute drive in the rain but who's counting?!!)

For whatever reason my kids want to exchange Easter gifts this year with each other - using their own money with a 5 dollar limit. Fine, no problem.

My boys are OBSESSED with Legos and really love the little people that come with the sets (you may recall this) Sometimes we have totally overpaid for a star wars person or two (or 30) on eBay b/c you just can't purchase the people separately without buying the whole $60, $70, $120 dollar kit to make the whole spaceship.

Kay wants to get the boys Legos for Easter. So we went into the Lego store b/c they have tons of key rings with the little figures on them (for 4.99 that is close enough to the real thing as I'm concerned and I find them no less lovable b/c they have a silver ring coming out of the top of their head, in fact they're better, they're better than better!!) Needless to say, Kay disagrees.

The Lego sales guy was very helpful - he knew what we were after and directed me to the MAGNETS (Lego has thought of it all folks) Most of the magnets are 14.99 for 3 to pack. They fully remove from the magnet and presto - you've got yourself a fully attachable/detachable certified little Lego man. I saw lots and lots of the little critters I overpaid for on eBay. I was very excited over this whole ordeal and I may have frightened the Lego dude with my over enthusiasm. So this very long story short is ...... if you have a child who loves the little people, save yourself a heap of aggravation and get these magnets, they are the perfect fix for any Lego junkie! xo, Brie

PS They even have a "build your own" Lego man station 3 for 10 dollars - not Star Wars - just random little people - it was very cute. Might have to take the boys there for a good report card trip!


Suburban Princess said...

Thanks for the tip! I am going to tuck this one away for when my son is old enough for them!

Anonymous said...

The Lego store is amazing - my son was in awe of all the stuff - system overload! Good to know about the little guys - they are the first to get lost from the sets!