Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I got suckered

Into buying a fish for each of the kids the other day.  C really wanted an angel fish and the lady at PetCo asked me how big our tank was because they really need at least 20 gallons to thrive.  I told we had a cylinder vase with rocks in the bottom, she then directed me to the beta fish :)  which come with a 2 week guarantee (hopefully we won't need it!)

Introducing C's fish Diamond

The boys share a room, so their fish are sharing a bowl.  Two female betas can reside together peacefully.  Bon Jovi and French Toast get along beautifully!

and Ponyo - who might need a little windex on his vase

C is so in love with this little fish - she talks to it and reads to it.  Kind of makes me feel bad that I can't commit to a more exciting pet, but I know my limitations and a pet with fur just isn't happening anytime soon!

In other news - 2 out of 4 started school today and 4 out of 4 will be in school tomorrow!  If you need me I will be turning a cartwheel in the front yard ;)  xo, Brie


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh but they are pretty!

Thank you so very much for your "Encouraging Ballad, Babble, Banter" ? :)

I am having trouble juggling a bit this week with college, projects, kids...

So pretty much feel like an

Exhausted Bear

The good news is that several projects are almost completed.

lisagh said...

Love the fishes names! Very creative.