Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Store

The elementary school my kids go to has the greatest tradition each year. The first Wednesday of every December the gym is transformed into a North Pole shopping mall for the kids.

There is a full committee for this Christmas store who work all year long recruiting crafters for a handmade section and scouring the area for inexpensive finds to meet all the needs of the little shoppers. Pricing is incredibly reasonable ranging from .25 to 6.00 and all money made from this event goes into the restocking for next year's event.

The kids make their list and budget and have an allotted time to shop. My favorite part of the whole day is that the little ones get paired up with the older ones to help them along. It is really cute! The 8th graders do all of the wrapping and tagging so the kids come home with bundles of wrapped gifts to put under the tree with all the things they have selected themselves.

The selections are often hilarious! Kevin picks out a dazzling tie for my dad every year that tend to look something like this!

Monka is a great sport and wears it to Christmas dinner. The kids are really proud of themselves and this event makes them so excited about the "giving" part of Christmas. It's a great tradition! xo, Brie


The Wife said...

I wish my kid's school did something like this! My elementary school did and it was so fun! I always felt so grownup shopping for my own presents. Hope everyone recovers quickly from the flu - no fun at Christmas!

lisagh said...

What a great tradition! And you're little girl looks adorable in her plaid dress :)

lisagh said...

Umm... did I just say "you're" little girl? So embarrassing.

Let's make that "your" and call off the grammar police. Sue me. I'm still drunk from last night. (kidding)

adozeneggs said...

What a great idea.
Love that your son is wearing a Red Sox jersey!!
And it looks like the little miss isn't making any crazy faces. Adorable with the hat and the cute dress.

Brie said...

The cute boy in the red sox shirt is not my son, the little guy is. He was DELIGHTED to be paired with him though b/c he is a red sox fan himself :)

adozeneggs said...

Oops! Well it's nice to see Red Sox fans in Jersey!!