Monday, December 8, 2008

I love Target

it's no secret and it's no shame... I LOVE Target!! How adorable is this over sized sweater I picked up for Ms. C this w/e? It's over sized b/c it is marked a size 10 (M) but that's all they had and that's how much I loved it! I took this picture 4 times this morning... a normal smile was not in the cards!

Here it is online available in smaller sizes which would have worked better for her but I am looking at the bright side... she'll enjoy this for years to come!

I'm off to clean that annoying smudge off of my camera lens now! xo, Brie


adozeneggs said...

She's so funny. Is that her normal picture smile or are you making her yell something??

Brie said...

caroline is the queen of crazy faces... I will do collage of them one day soon and you'll see :) She is a comedian in the making