Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tiny Prints to the Rescue - with time sensitive code

an old favorite from Christmas 2006

This offers expires TONIGHT (12/2) so if you are unorganized (like myself) and haven't coordinated a group pic of the kids just yet for the holiday greetings.... don't fret! I got lots of beautiful cards from a company called Tiny Prints last year and received my first card today from a friend (which threw me into a complete panic) which also happened to be Tiny Prints and was way cute!

Cards are ordered and I love them! Use code JOLLY15 and get 15% off your order over 100 dollars. Code ENDS at 11:59 TONIGHT so get crackin....

A few points why I really enjoyed this working with this company

  • tons of choices - I mean TONS and one is cuter than the next. I am sucker for the square shaped card but did resist the temptation b/c postal charges extra postage - one of life's great mysteries to me b/c it makes no sense!

  • they had the perfect card for me with 4 separate panels for each of the kids' pictures! No fretting over who blinked in one, who wasn't looking, who has red eyes, who was crying b/c mommy was yelling to SMILE AND SIT STILL etc etc etc ;) Just pick a pleasing photo of each child and drop and drag into the handy template

  • they also allowed me to adjust the pictures with zoom and left/right shifting in each picture and even let me change my color photo to black and white - I'm soooooo artsy!

They should be here between 12/12 and 12/16 - right on schedule!!! I have the whole address book on excel so I can print up my stickers, stamp and send!

One thing checked off my list.... only 546 to go :) xo, Brie



Anonymous said...

They have really cute invitations announcements cards, but I found three websites that have lots of unique baby shower invitations, personalized birthday party invitations and custom Holy Communion baptism invitations cards at:


I have ordered from all three for different occasions and been very pleased. Take and look and see what you think.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh I LOVE Tiny Prints! I got my Christmas Card from there last year and they were gorgous. I cannot say enough good things about them. Where else can you find a pink toille Christmas card? I say run don't walk over to their site. You won't be disappointed.

That picture of the kiddos is adorable.

The Wife said...

Thanks! You finally motivated me to order my cards! Now I just have to address and mail. It never ends!

Rick Bucich said...

Thanks for posting the discount codes for our holiday cards! Let me know if you want updated coupons.

Special thanks to Misplaced Country Girl as well!

Rick @ TinyPrints.com

sara said...

I love the picture! I ordered from tiny prints over the weekend. The sweaters look fantastic. That person Toni Tate, wrote the same post on my blog (or something just like it)when I wrote about tiny prints...they must have a search engine for people posting about invitations and cards and just shout them out constantly.

zakary said...

I always make my cards (with a photo and ribbon) and I just didn't get it together this year. I bought mine and I am going to glue a bow on them and slap a picture of the kids in it and call it a day. Christmas honestly snuck up on me this year. Or perhaps I'm in denial.

And your kids are ADORABLE! That is the best kid photo ever.